b'INDUSTRY NEWSCampersCard Offers Program for Campers to Connect with Campgrounds via DiscountsCampersCard has launched as a wayotherbenefitdetails,henoted. to connect campers with campgroundsMembers will then simply go to the throughanewprogramwhereparkcampgroundswebsiteorcallthe owners are given chance to offer first- campground to book a stay. There is night or entire-stay discounts. no extra reservation system or compli-Wearetypicallyseeingownerscatedprogramtoconnecttomore offer a 25% to 30% discount on the firstRVers. night and a 10% to 15% discount offstay at campgrounds participating inWe let campground owners decide the entire stay, said Joel Holland, CEOtheprogram,Hollandexplained.how to recognize the discountssomeWorkamper News of CampersCard.Campgrounds make up the vast ma- are working to create a special coupon Created by the team behind Harvestjority of RV nights on the road, and wecode in their booking system, whereasChanging Magazine Hosts, the program costs nothing forwant to help connect travelers to sitesothers say to just call the main line andto Online Newsletter parks to join, Holland told Woodallswhere they can have amazing experi- have campers indicate they are with Campground Magazine (WCM), and heences.CampersCardisachancetoCampersCard, added Holland.After 35 years, the last printed issue highlighted that the programs revenueconnect a large network of RVers toCampersCardplanstolaunchitsofWorkamperNewsthe will come from camper memberships. campgrounds in an exciting new way,consumermembershippushintheNovember/December 2022 issue has ThehopeisthatHarvestHostsoffering discounts as well as uniqueSpring and at that time members willbeen mailed to subscribers, according to members will also become Camper- perks like late check-out and other on- be able to see which campgrounds areJody Anderson, the executive director of sCard members, and Holland said thesite benefits.on the program and view details re-program is signing up campgroundsHolland also clarified this is not angarding discounts and other benefitsWorkamper News, a membership or-who want to participate. The programeffort by Harvest Hosts to get into thethatcampgroundsareprovidingtoganization that works with workampers will be open to all RVers, not just Har- reservation management business. CampersCard members.across North America. vest Hosts members as well. CampersCard provides a platformTo learn more about the program,Movinginto2023,HeberSprings, We have over 800,000 contacts andwith location profiles for members togo to www.camperscard.comBen Ark.-based Workamper News has fo-we are working to encourage them toview a park, check out discounts andQuiggleWCM cused on rebuilding its website and other systems, and part of that focus included the discontinuation of the printed maga-Conestoga Wagon Companyzine, Anderson told Woodalls Camp-ground Magazine (WCM). Debuts Luxe, Bar Wagons As the leader of the workamping in-dustry and the creator of the community, Conestoga Wagon Company has announced in a press re- we are very well connected with those lease the launch of two new models: the Luxe Wagon with fullliving this lifestyle and wanting to seek bathroom and Bar Wagon.opportunities, as well as the businesses The wagon manufacturer debuted these two new units inthat are looking to hire these workam-October. The wagons were designed to accommodate anypers, she explained. As weve seen the ranch or resorts needs and to provide products for events andInternet develop over the years, we know wedding venues.that workampers want a more stream-The Luxe Wagon with full bathroom is larger than a stan- lined, easier way to find opportunities dard wagon with an additional 80 square feet. At a size of 34that are going to be right for them. Em-feet long and occupancy rate of four to six people, the floorployers also want a faster way to con-planoftheLuxe Wagonallowsforflexibilityinsleepingnect with the right workampers. arrangements, the release stated.As were moving into 2023 with a This wagon was designed with its fully isolated and venti- complete rebuild of our website and sys-lated bathroom pod that protects the canvas from humiditytems, part of that furthering and making and keeps bathroom odors out of the sleeping area. This al- the tools better for the people using them lows guests to have a better experience and ensures the canvaswas discontinuing the magazine and en-lasts longer, notes the release.hancing and improving the online tools, There was a need for the Bar Wagon from several of ourAnderson added. Thats what our mem-customers since many of our customers are wedding andbers and the community are looking for. event venues, explained Jason Olsen, CEO and founder of theWe all want things to be a little bit easier, company. The Bar Wagon is highly customizable and can beand so were doing some simplification easily transported. The Bar Wagon is 25 feet long with nine feetand enhancement of the online tools to of interior height and a 14-foot awning and is equipped withfurther the goals and help workampers Conestoga Wagons Luxe Wagon allows for flexibilitytwo keg taps, stainless steel sink, 11 feet of bar space, a reach- and employers succeed at this lifestyle. when it comes to sleeping arrangements. in cooler, stainless steel ice chest, standard RV hookups andShenotedtoWCMthatwhilethe much more. WCM printed edition of the magazine is going away,WorkamperNewswillstillbe Campground Donates Over $10K to N.Y. SPCAsendingoutabi-monthly,smallere-newsletter to employer members. Workamper News was founded in the On Oct. 11, the owners of Jones Pond Camp- 1980s by a young couple, Greg and ground & RV Park in Angelica, N.Y., along withDebbie Robus, to help RVers find job some of its seasonal campers, visited the Societyopenings and volunteer positions that fo the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) ofworkedfortheirlifestyles.Theythen Allegany County to present fundraising monies asspent the summer of 1987 editing, de-well as donations of goods and services, accordingsigning and fine-tuning the first edition, to a press release.according to Anderson. In 2022, the park raised a total of $10,700 for theInitially, the magazine was shipped to local SPCA. According to park co-owner Bryan50 folks who had signed on for an intro-Schaefer, they did a variety of activities to encour- ductory yearly subscription price of $15. age donations.Five years later the newsletter had grown We held various basket draws, 50/50 draws, afrom eight to 24 pages and boosted over yoga instructor donated his time and asked session attendees for a donation to the SPCA and requested6,000subscribers.Ben Quiggle WCMDonatescontinued on page 21WOODALLSCM.comJanuary 2023 3'