b'Guest Viewfrom page 29make the world a better place for theFind your voice, your vision, yourCAMPGROUNDgeneration that comes after. niche and be consistent. Over the years weve come to recog- Make sure the expectations of your nize how fortunate we are to have hadcustomers align with what you have to the opportunity to make our dreamoffer. and vision a reality. We meet manyBe able to adapt. Things do not al-people every year who ask us aboutways go according to plan and while ourexperiencebuildingthecamp- youre never going to be able to have a ground. Many of them are dreamersbackup plan for every scenario, make caughtupintheglitzofbuildingsure you have an open mind and are something unique and fun; but we tryable to pivot or recognize when some-to remind them that its a lot of hardthing needs to be changed. work too! Take pride in what you offer. Your So here are a few of the top 10 recom- staff, customers and community will mendations for those who are lookingfeel it to get into the business:Continue to learn, be involved, vol-Know your audience.unteer,takeaclassandgrowyour Hire the right team. Be as clear asbusiness. you can be on the roles and responsi- Continue to dream. From the seed bilities, especially if youre creating aof the dream to the building to the run-business with your spouse.ning of our campground, weve been Get involved in your community,consistent on what we wanted, a place small businesses, local non-profits,that we would want to camp in. education, government officials andErin and Dan Thiem are the owners policedepartments.Gettoknowof the Inn Town Campground in Ne-them all.vada City, Calif. WCMCONY Conferencefrom page 14since the association started supportingwith cancer as well as adults with spe-the nonprofit organization in 2012.cific conditions, such as womens on-Camp Good Days organizes specialcologycampsand eventsaswellasweeklongcancerprostate cancer camps campsattheorganizationscamp- for men. ground at Keuka Lake in Branchport.In total, the CONY Activities include sporting events, con- conferenceattracted certs, fishing and laser tag, all of whichoverahundredpark provide unique opportunities for chil- owners/operators and dren with cancer to enjoy fun activitiesincluded more than 50 as they develop friendships with othervendors,manyof childrenwhosufferfromthelife- Don Bennett whomwerefirst threatening disease. Special camps aretimers according to Don Bennett, the also available for siblings of childrenpresident and CEO of CONY.WCM ADVERTISERS INDEXB&B Electrical32Montana Canvas2 Campers Card .13MySites/Southeast Publications27 The Campground Marketplace .6Pelland Advertising29 CheckBox Systems7Phelps Honey Wagon.22 Delta Treatment Systems.15Pilot Rock/RJ Thomas.10 Eaton Corp20Skyweb.23 Fluid Mfg. Inc. .27Staylist11 CLASSIFIEDS Gama Sonic 8Tengo Internet9 Classified Advertising Rates are $1 per word, minimum $15 per ad. Pay- Hialeah Meter2Tower Company 4 ment must accompany order. Published monthly. Contact wthorne@g-gmediagroup.comorakollat@g-gmediagroup.com.MakeremittanceJamestown Advanced Products16-17Utility Supply Group/Platt.5 payable to Woodalls Campground Magazine, 2901 E. Bristol St., Ste. B, Elkhart, IN 46514 Lancaster Log Cabins25WCM 2002 Business Directory31 SERVICESLelands Cabins22Wild Energy.21 IF I WAS HIRED TO FILL YOUR PARK,Tips and Ideas to Get More GuestsMidwest Electric19Workamper News27See Samples at RVPARKSUCESS.COM 30 January 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'