b'SMART OPERATIONSCommunity Appeal: Originality vs Familiarity The objective will always be the same, and that is to reach a base of bothPeternew and repeat customers in a manner where the messaging is consistent,Pellanddistinctive and cost-effective in terms of return on investment. When it comes to promoting yourconsistent, distinctive and cost-ef- digital marketingwebsites in par- fulfill a need or desirein this case business, there is always a challengefective in terms of return on invest- ticularthere is that choice be- to get away from it all and spend a in choosing between taking a con- ment.Therearedecisionstobetween the tried and true and goingweekend or longer, not only in the ventionaloramoreoriginalap- made, and one of your key decisionsout on a creative limb. Let me pointoutdoors,butatyourparticular proach.Thechoicesarenotwill be whether to take a familiarout that there is a differencea bigpark. 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The nicest piecetuitive, where the key to customiza- the appeal of the camping and out-tempting to reach a campgroundsofliteraturethatwillnotworktionliesmuchmorewithinitsdoorhospitalityexperience.Just less localized customer base. within the usual distribution chan- content than the basic layout itself.thinkofallofthesocialenviron-With campgrounds, the primarynels will amount to a total failure, asYour message needs to wow peo- ments that we have created for our-means of marketing will be a mix ofwill a piece of literature that leavesple with high quality photographyselves over time. These range from online(whichwilllikelyincludeprospective customers confused re- (where image quality is far more im- the communes of the 1960s to the their own websites, third-party web- garding the actual identity of yourportant than the quantity of imagesgated communities that might be sites,socialmediaandasupple- business.thrown onto a page), professionallypopulated today by those same peo-mentofonlineadvertising)andThe online components of yourproduced video (that is ADA com- ple in their retirement years. Other print (which will likely include col- marketingcampaigncanbeevenpliant and not in violation of anyexamples include fraternal organi-lateral advertising such as brochuresmorechallenging.Notonlydoescreative copyrights) if it is available,zations,veteransgroups,alumni or rack cards, directory advertising,your message need to appeal and beoutstanding graphic design (that in- clubs, church congregations, social and occasionally direct mail.) Manyclear in the eyes of prospective cus- cludes a distinctive logo and a coor- mediagroupsonsitessuchas campgrounds will also participatetomers, but it needs to be equallydinated color palette and carefullyFacebook and Meetup and even the in off-season RV and travel shows.clear to search engine robots or itselected fonts that are based uponlocal tavern. We have all seen auto-The objective will always be thewill never reach its intended audi- that logo) and text that is written likemobile rallies and cruises that are same, and that is to reach a base ofenceunless you want to throw aa Hallmark greeting card. populated by proud Corvette own-both new and repeat customers in asignificantsumofmoneyagainstWhen everything works together,ers or drivers of Mazda Miatas, and mannerwherethemessagingisthe wind in online advertising. Withyour website should be designed tohow often have you seen a single Harley-Davidson motorcycle riding down the highway? Familiarity en-sures that we will be within our own comfort zones whenever we leave the ultimate comfort zonehome. HINT:Particularlyifyourcamp-ground offers pavilions and a group camping area, why not reach out di-rectly to these types of groups and rallies? If carefully executed, your tightly coordinatedmarketingcampaign should present your campground as just such a community, where new members feel welcome and a desire to belong exists. Are you meeting that objective? PeterPellandistheCEOof PellandAdvertising,acompany that he founded in 1980 that has been serving the family camping in-dustry for over 40 years. His com-panyspecializesinbuildingfully responsive websites, along with pro-ducingafullrangeoffour-color process print advertising, for clients fromcoasttocoast.Learnmore aboutPellandAdvertisingat https://pelland.com or see their ad in this issue. WCM8 January 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'