b'ParkModel,CampingCabinManufacturing Seen as Bright Spot in the Flattening Economy T he park model RV (PMRV) sector contin-nBY RON BARGERues to thrive, even with interest rates in-creasing and lingering production issues.I keep hearing about these RV places slowing down, Dan Smucker, president of Lancaster Log Cabins in Gap, Pa., told WoodallsCampgroundMagazine (WCM). But for us, leads are still flowingin,andthesalesarestill trending up. We feel good about the future. I feel like the campground in-dustry is not recession-proof, but definitely more so than most other industries.Aslongasthecamp-grounds are doing well, I feel like well do pretty well.Dan SmuckerI think everyone knows that somethings coming, he added. Whether thats a severe recession or just a smallercorrection,whoknows?Butsomethings coming up the pike and thats part of the reason why Im more focused on refining everything now just to make it as good as we can so were ready. An expansion of production facilities to meet the high demand of growing campgrounds and resorts is a prevalent trend among most PMRV and cabin builders.2022 was very good for us, said Matt Williams, president and partner in Vacavia Cottages based out of Ochlocknee, Ga. We have increased sales by about 300%year-over-yearsincebuyingthecompany. Weve expanded our physical plant and hired a lot of PMRV and cabin manufacturers are finding that park owners want units designed forpeople, and just upped the game and gone after the families and large groups, as well as for all-season use. Photo: Cavco Industries Inc.market opportunities. We just added on about 10,000 square feet of 20 February 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'