b'manufacturing space and were continuing to expand even more, he added. We tripled our labor force and have seen a corresponding increase of about the same amount in our production output. Were about six months out on our backlog at the moment. When we bought the company, we were only about six weeks out, so weve certainly built a bit of a backlog.With an increase in demand for PMRVs and cabins, but an easing of supply chain constraints, backlogs for most of the builders have settled in at around six months. Last year at this time, many were at nine months or even out to a year. Campground owners wishing to add PMRVs or cabins should order ahead with this six-month window in mind, noted some of the manufacturers WCM interviewed. Orders have slowed a little the last few weeks, said Dick Grymonprez, director of Park Model RV sales at Skyline Champion, in late December, but that is very common this time of year. We have 13 plants that build PMRVs and they range from two months to 11 months on backlogs at the moment. The West Coast has the larger backlogs.Family-friendly PMRVs and cabins are selling like hotcakes across the board for many manufacturers. This a major change from the old couples cabins that were so popular in the past. I still see the hospitality business being our largest growth fac-tor, added Grymonprez. Floor plans with bunk rooms and/or lofts Dick Grymonprez seem to be very popular. Following are some updates from PMRV manufacturers that WCM collected.span from four to 12 months, said Gage. Our best-selling units vary from our out-door hospitality and street retailer business. We have gotten great input and ideas nCAVCO INDUSTRIES INC.nfrom our high-end-hotel industry customers, as well as our developers. By far, our Cavco Industries Inc., one of the largest players in the segment with its Cavco,hotel-style plans are the most popular along with lofts and multiple sleepers.Fairmont and Chariot Eagle brands, among others, reported continued growth inNew product features for 2023 include Pella brand windows for all of Cavcos 2022. With a new 120,000-square-foot production facility dedicated to PMRVs nowproduct offerings. Other notable features are Bluetooth, Samsung Smart TVs and complete in Glendale, Ariz., the firm expects expanded growth in 2023. The newSONOS speaker systems. modern facility has A/C as part of its many amenities and is attracting a solid work- We will continue to explore expansion opportunities, especially in the eastern force from the sunbaked Phoenix area, noted Tim Gage, vice pres- region of the U.S., he said. Our new Glendale factory will substantially grow the ident of PMRVs and cabins for the company. overall shipments for the states west of the Mississippi. Being able to produce 80 to With limited production opportunities in 2022, we couldnt120 PMRVs each month is going to be great for not only Cavco but also our industry meet the type of growth and opportunities we expect to see inoverall.2023, said Gage. Of course, you want to build a factory from things800-622-8260www.parkmodels.com youve learned over the years, making it efficient and able to build the volume and quality at the level your customers expect. nELEVATION PARK MODELSn But we were also able to secure employees easier than othersJoel Lederman, the co-founder of Elevation Park Models, a newer entrant in the because of what we did extra, he added. We have A/C throughout,PMRV segment, told WCM that 2022 was a great first year for the company.Tim Gage and we also included an incredible employee break room with TV,We opened the doors amid a lot of unknowns with employees, material short-open market snacks, food and drinks, free coffee and ice machines.ages and increased costs, he stated. However, we have continued to see growth He stated current order backlogs for Cavco from its plants around the countrythe whole year from adding dealers to increased retail orders. Weve been blessed are dependent on what region of the U.S. the units are being produced in. to have some of the other local manufacturers offer their support and friendship Our core factories in the popular PMRV regions are providing delivery dates thatPark Models/Cabinscontinued on page 28WOODALLSCM.comFebruary 2023 21'