b'nBUSHTEC ADVENTURE USAncomes the usual growing Gary Flaks, the president of Bushtec Adventure USA, says the company, whichpains, things that are often produces canvas tents, safari tents and more, had a great year in 2022. unforeseen, nothing that Right now, we have projects in 20 states that are either completed or in produc- wehaventbeenableto tion, he noted.handle, but its just the na-Flaks said that the com- tureofthebeast.Weve pany has launched somebeen navigating some of large projects for severalthose challenges, but also groups, which has made ajust grateful that were in a difference. positiontohavethose Some of them we cantchallenges. share details on right now,As we look into 2023, he told WCM. One I canwe are taking stock of what discloseistheworkwepeople are looking for and have been doing with Sunhow our unique cabin de-Communities and its sis- sign can fit into that in an even better way, Hutchence ter company, Safe Harborcontinued. We came to the table with this kind of unique Marinas. concept, but then obviously as you continue to have con- Weve got several pri- versations with people and learn about their needs and vate expansions on existing properties, too, Flaks added. What we found is thatwhat the pain points are within the industry, were figur-almost all our customers will buy Phase I from us and almost all have ended uping out how we can better optimize our product to fit adding more to their properties. That is something that the luxury tent business al- within the market. Theres just constant R&D going on lows you to do. You can put in some tents and then add more down the road.behind the scenes. Flaks said that the company is offsetting any downward trend due to the econ- Cedar Bound produces a unit that is a hybrid between omy by adding some of the larger clients.a modern cabin and a two-story tent, including a wood Right now, though, the growth of the industry is outpacing the economic issues,structure that is built underneath a canvas tent shell.Bailey & Joe Hutchencehe noted. Everything the company does is customized, according to Flaks, and heThe units come to park owners in a kit based on the noted that the company is growing its infrastructure to meet demand.scope of the project and the customers ability to build the units. The company is More and more of our projects are full turnkey, including interiors, he ex- exploring partnerships with other companies to offer different floorplan configu-plained. So, furnishings, decking and everything else is fully installed and deliv- rations.ered.How can we offer a bathroom suite or a kitchenette configuration and have it We are in the process of starting our own financing business, too, so that we canbe something that people can build from scratch to fit their needs? he said, adding offer funding to customers, Flaks added. A rental business is also coming downthat Cedar Bound also offers windows, doors and other options as add-ons. the pipeline.218-409-3255www.cedarbound.com770-884-2460www.bushtecadventureusa.com nCONESTOGA WAGON COMPANYn nCEDAR BOUNDnWright noted that Conestoga has launched two new productsthe Luxe Wagon, Duluth, Minn.-based Cedar Bound designs and builds glamping cabins for re- with a full bathroom, and the Bar Wagon, after receiving feedback from customers.sorts, glamping parks, vacation rentals and personal retreats.The Bar Wagon is 25 feet Bailey Aro Hutchence, co-founder and owner of the company with her husband, Joelong with 9 feet of interior Hutch Hutchence, told WCM that the firm had a wild summer and fall season. height, includes a 14-foot We are in a little bit of a much-appreciated lull period at the moment, she said.awningandcomes We are a small, growing business, so with the growth that weve had this year alsoequippedwithtwokeg taps, stainless steel sink, 11 feet of bar space, a reach-in cooler, stainless steel ice chest,standardRV hookups and more. Itisdesignedtobe moved around a property so that owners can draw in campers where they want themtobe,explained Wright. The Luxe Wagon, with a full bathroom, is larger than a standard wagon with an additional 80 square feet. At a size of 34 feet long and occupancy rate of 4-6 people, the floor plan of the Luxe Wagon allows for flexibility in sleeping arrangements, noted Wright. We have the shower houses, and a lot of people will order two wagons and then one shower house, put the shower house in between the units and that works out well for people, he said. But some folks just want to be in one unit, and that hasnt been something that Conestoga wanted to do for a long time, because if you put a bathroom in a wagon, there are a lot of issues that come along with that. The canvas doesnt do well in humidity, and if you put a wall between the living quarters and the bathroom, well, its canvas, so you cant contain the humidity or the odor. Essentially, what we have done is taken the shower house as a pod unit, similar to how we do the tents, and put that entire pod in a wagon, so its all self-contained and theres none of the odor, humidity or anything seeping out. Its all in there and its vented to the outside, Wright explained. Wright told WCM that the reaction to the new Luxe Wagon has been incredible. No doubt, this is probably going to be a top seller for us, he explained. Looking to 2023, Conestoga Wagons plans to continue pushing out its new prod-ucts to customers and to find new segments to market its products to. We always have something we are working on, Wright said. 307-277-0525www.conestogawagonco.comnECO STRUCTURES USAn Eco Structures USA is the U.S. distributor for the Australian-based company Eco Structure and offers several different products, including an entry-level Pop-Up Tent that is designed to be 100% temporary for the campground market. Josh Bell, a U.S.-based sales representative for the company, told WCM that busi-ness has been strong as it continues to expand its range of products.We have evolved our building system now to include more cabin products, he said. We have taken the same concept of modular construction or structural kits, and now applied that to a lot more of our floor plans, which just gives people I think an alternative to the park model RVs. They also work for customers who want to place a cabin on the side of a hill or want 24 February 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'