b'to customize the structure,seasonal parks and at parks that have a managerial staff on-site. Bell added. Not to mention619-997-5788www.ecotentsaustralia.com.au that, for the kits themselves, while the park owner stillnLEISURE CRAFTn has to go through and doMark Boulding, director of new business and marketing at LeisureCraft, told the rest of their own fit andWCM that the company offers a variety of furniture, saunas and more, including a finish,thestructuralkitsunique barrel-shaped unit, along were able to provide at awith a glamping pod. Each comes pretty economical cost.with a wooden frame, a bed, a small The company has alsotable and kitchenette.been seeing a lot of requestsThe barrel-style unit is eight feet for structures that can bewide and 14 feet long and features used as staff housing. a large bubble window at one end. Weve done some veryCustomers get either a double or specific floor plans that re- a queen bed and it is intended for ally are focused on creating quality staff accommodation units, Bell said. I thinkone-to-three-night stays, Boulding on the private park side we are seeing more demand for these types of structures athighlighted.Ourglampingcus-tomers love it because it is unique. The bubble window allows campers ALWAYS Ato lay in bed and look out at the scenery.Theglampingpodalsohasa TENT TO SUIThuge window at the back of the unit.LeisureCraft has only been offer-YOUR NEEDS ing accommodation units for the past year or so, and it plans to add more styles over the next year.ThecompanyislocatedinMelancthon,Ont.,andshipsacrossCanadaand the U.S. It takes about six to eight weeks for customers to get a unit, according to Boulding.888-923-9813www.leisurecraft.comnLIFE IN TENTSn Brandy Lamb and his wife, Alice, started Life in Tents after a successful period renting out a campervan to people in the Portland, Ore., area. After a period of time finding success by renting out the van, Alices sister was planning a wedding and having a difficult time finding places for wedding guests to stay. My wife came up with the brilliant idea that we shouldbuyabunchof canvas tents and give peo-ple a little bit of a glamping experience, but set them up on property, Lamb ex-Become an overnight success in glamping plained. After that experi-with our high quality safari tents and glamping lodges ence, we decided to buy some tents and start a business where we rent out these tents. We were the first to (415) 520-7654 Jason@outstandingtent.com www.outstandingtent.com do these mobile glamping experiences for festivals and off-grid weddings. Then as we were continuing and setting up these tents, hundreds and hundreds of times, I started to realize theres an opportunity to make the bell tents better, more durable, more aesthetically pleasing and more functional, he added. And so, in 2019, I redesigned the bell tents that we would use for our events, but then we also started selling them on our website. Since that moment, the company has redirected its entire focus to selling bell tents. It offers the Fernweh, Stella and Timberline Exchange in a variety of different sizes. The Timberline Exchange was designed with the owners of Timberline Glamping Company and features a replaceable doorway that allows for a quick turnaround after a guest leaves. It solves the issue of having to clean or repair the doorways between guests, noted Lamb. Now you can just replace it with an already clean canvas door and take the old one back to clean and repair it. Life in Tents also offers a variety of different camping/glamping products that owners can use to stock their tents. Looking down the road, Lamb plans to continue working on creating a tent that stands the test of time. We have been working to improve the treatments on the canvas that we offer so that they are even more resistant to mold and mildew, he said. We are also looking at releasing a couple of different tent sizes too. 971-220-8368www.lifeintents.comnLONESOME YURTS & TREEHOUSESn ReidBurland,the founderandownerof Lonesome Yurts and Tree-houses, told WCM that the company has doubled its sales since introducing kits two years ago. The com-pany offers several differ-entstylesofunitsfrom yurtstotentsandeven treehouses. All of our suppliers are based in Minnesota, so we haventbeenhitwithas 26 February 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'