b'many of the supply chain issues as we were dreading, he said. OSB has droppedDinges explained. now and prices on materials are coming down a bit.Packages include a 12-by-14-foot luxury model and another thats a 14-by-20-Burland said that the companys hard-sided units are some of its most popular. foot suite. One has a queen-sized bed for two adults, while the other model will ac-Theres still interest in the cloth-sided units, but more parks seem to be wantingcommodateafamilyoffour.PackageAhaseverythingincluded. Themore to go to the hard-sided panels, he explained. It is more like a cabin and comes withaffordable Package B allows the campground to build a fly area. In Package C, the a little less maintenance.entire frame must be provided by the campground. Burland highlighted the companys new bump out space that adds room for aPackages start at about $2,600 and range up to $3,800. Owners can add full floor bathroom or separate sleeping area. The company also offers the choice to go withplatforms, porches and furnishings. a metal roof or regular siding. 406-388-1225www.montanacanvas.com At the Glamping Show Americas those were the features that people got most excited about, he noted. nNOMADICS TIPI MAKERSn Burland said that the walls and roofs come with each kit and that the companyNomadics Tipi Makers continues to find success with its Campground Model, will provide a drawing and material list to add a wooden deck. according to Tashina Youngstrom, managing director of the firm.It comes packed flat, he explained. It is like IKEA on steroids.Customers like the taller entrance www.lonesomeyurts.comdoor with the ability to have a screen door that offers ventilation and bug nMONTANA CANVASnprotection, she said. We are working Dinges noted that the company has recently launched a new website with dif- with a new proprietary polyester/cot-ferent features that make it easier for customers to explore the variety of options theton material that stands up better to firm offers. He told WCMthe environment, especially for our thatMontanaCanvasiscustomerswholiveinhumidcli-alsoworkingonanewmates. tent, but that it probablyNomadicshasalsoincorporated wont be ready until nextmorefloorplansandpackagesfor year sometime.those customers who want full baths. The company has beenCartridge toilets or plumbed plans are dealing with a flood of or- now available. ders and supply chain is- The fully painted tipis also stand up sues as it works to keep upwelltodifferentenvironments,ac-with demand. Keeping ancording to Youngstrom, and the com-eyeontheeconomy,pany can create unique, hand-painted DingesnotesthatMon- designs.tana Canvas is also focus- Youngstromsuggeststhatmost ingonmoreofitscorecampgrounds make a village with a products as it navigates uncertain times.grouping of at least three tents on the There are a lot of new things out there that we could probably do, but I dontproperty. know if I am willing to invest capital based on where everything sits right now, he541-389-3980www.tipi.com said. Dinges told WCM that park owners looking to add a new tent need to think aboutnPACIFIC YURTSn ordering their products as soon as possible. He has noticed most of the attentionBair told WCM that the company saw record sales in 2021 extend into 2022, with from customers is focused on the companys glamping packages.both smaller and larger yurts in demand.We are shipping out a lot of our products without the framing and the customersOn the price side, Bair noted that prices have stabilized to a large extent.are just designing their own unique framing because they want that different look,Unique Accommodationscontinued on page 34WOODALLSCM.comFebruary 2023 27'