b'Park Models/Cabinsfrom page 21even though they are competitors. I think that friendly competition is a bright spot in our segment.Lederman said the companys backlog is now about six months from the time an order is taken. All production spots for 2023 are already spoken for by its dealer body. Our front kitchen model (5-107) is by far the best-selling layout for us this year, he explained. It seems that across-the-board, floor plans with higher-end options and finishes are increasing in de-Joel Lederman mand. We have done a lot of solid surface countertops, high-end showers and metal roofs, as well. The company is currently going through the process of entering the Canadian market with the introduction of its first round of floor plans built specifically to that markets unique demands. The new plans also incorporate a front porch model, which is something Lederman said many other manufacturers have shied away from in the past due to extra time and labor. The industry has seen quite a few decreases in material costs this past year, he concluded. It allowed us to hold our pricing steady. The dealers were appreciative that we were able to go without an increase at Elkhart Open House time in September.574-501-3300www.elevationparkmodels.comnGREEN RIVER LOG CABINSn Dean Garritson, president of Green River Log Cabins of Campobello, S.C., said his company has been manufacturing its park models since 1996. Green River is its newest iteration. Ive started a new company called Green River Cottages that will deliver its new PMRVs in the spring of 2023, he explained. We recently introduced this product at the National Association of RV Parks and Camgprounds Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo in Orlando. Garritson stated that the Green River Log Cabin will be known for its rigidity which translates into safety, low operating costs and long operating life.When we started designing a new product line using the Green River brand, I wanted to be sure to offer this rigidity and low operating cost that no one else was doing, he noted. Its cabins and cottages are structurally sound due to the frame of the cottages, with 4-by-6-inch beams that support 4-by-12-inch log headers. The structure is bound together with 14-inch powder-coated log bolts that are designed for decades of use. This may be overkill, but it makes the cottage very rigid, safe and long-lasting, he added. The exterior framing is strong, too, and clad in long-life LP SmartBoard, coupled with our tight exterior to stop air infiltration. We then add R-19 insulation in the wall to deliver a very effective heat envelope that reduces the operators heat-ing and cooling bills by at least $1,000 per year. The cabins are rated for heavy snow load regions or forested, mountainous areas 28 February 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'