b'of the country where high winds can pose a threat. well received at the 2022 Elkhart Open House in late September. The company has an eight-week build time depending on production slot avail- The feedback from dealers and customers has been great, said Kropf. We took ability. To reserve a build date, its $2,000. The deposit goes toward the purchase ofa bit of Kropfs history from the original Eldorado that was released in 1953 and the cabin. In late December, Green River had several dozen units available for 2023brought it back 70 years later as one of the premier PMRVs on the market.and about 100 available for 2024. He said that he has seen more parks expanding as PMRVs remain a popular way 864-457-2444www.greenriverlogcabins.comto camp.Customers see this as more of a long-term investment which makes them more comfortable to keep buying as interest rates and prices continue to rise, he added. 800-634-2171www.kropfind.comnLANCASTER LOG CABINSn Smucker reported a positive outlook for 2023.2022 was our best year ever, he told WCM. We about doubled our business compared to 2021. In 2023, with the orders that we have, were probably close to doing that again. Our new facility was the big thing for 2022. We still had some of the challenges with supply chain and hiring issues, but we finished building our nKROPF INDUSTRIES INC.nnew buildings, so a lot was going on, but it was a good year. Kropf Industries Inc. had a very successful 2022, said Trevor Kropf, generalThe companys current backlog sits at about six to eight months and Lancaster manager of the company. is selling larger family-oriented cabins.The past two years provided some unique challenges, but also some valuableWe keep selling more loft models. It used to be around 20% of sales and now experience that will help us grow in the future, he told WCM.were doing probably closer to half or more, Smucker explained. The smaller mod-Kropf stated that the current backlog remains strong as the industry starts to nor- els we offer are pretty much falling to the wayside.malize in 2023. Its dealers are still writing retail orders in the winterWith the new facility in place, he said Lancaster is focusing on continuous im-months, even with very few stock units on their lots. New ordersprovement in its production processes.depend on the region and dealer availability for the upcoming year.We started doing the vanities in-house instead of prebuilt, Smucker noted. Now Kropfs Island Series is still its top seller. were doing a rustic log vanity with a rustic log medicine cabinet and hitting that same It accounts for about 80% of the units produced, Kropf ex- appeal where everything we put inside these cabins kind of has that rustic edge. plained. The Island Series offers several customizable floor plansLancaster is also setting itself apart with top-notch furniture, appliances, kitchens that allow the customer to get what they want out of a PMRV. As theand bathrooms while walking that fine line regarding costs to the campgrounds.home prices and interest rates rise, the Kropf Lakeside Series is aWe are trying to keep it as low as we can and our margins suffer a bit even with nice option that is our price point leader. the price increases. But we believe in offering fair pricing, Smucker said.Trevor Kropf The company is still working on a new Eldorado series that was717-445-5522www.lancasterlogcabins.com30 February 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'