b'Unique Accommodationsfrom page 27 Theyoungcompany, founded in 2018, is building We are working on some innovations and some new options, but I think its acoveredwagonaccommo-little too early to talk about them at this point, he explained.dationsforcampgrounds The company offers a 3D Yurt Builder design tool on its website to help cus- and resorts and offers a 25-tomersvisualizetheirby-10.5-foot,ready-to-oc-yurt.Customerscancupy space. choose from a variety ofIt also introduced its Pony optionslikesize,color,WagonattheGlamping windowplacementandShow Americas this past Oc-more. tober. The Pony Wagons are Our thermal glass win- 22 feet in length with 16 feet dowscontinuetobeaof interior space. PlainsCraft popular option and helphas developed custom furni-insulatetheyurts,Bairture for the wagon, which in-explained.Ourcus- cludesaqueenbedanda tomers also like the key- twin bunk on top, as well as pad lock set that we area wagon wheel table. It includes the companys premium BonnetGard Cover Sys-installing with yurts now,tem, which is a five-layer canvas solution designed for comfort, longevity and ap-whichmeanstheydontpearance. have to have a key for every unit. There is also a new skylight opener that allowsWe have got some more things up our sleeves, but nothing that we can an-the skylight to extend or open at the press of a button. nounce right now, Alexander said. Bair said that the yurts are a hit with people looking for all-year options, noLead times for wagons currently sit at around six weeks, with the company matter the climate. Since we offer insulation and an engineered wind and snowbuilding around two to three units a week.package, among other things, its always been a year-round option for resorts that785-748-4588www.plainscraft.net use our products, he explained. Looking to 2023, Bair said he expects things to continue at full steam.nRANIER OUTDOORn We have always stressed quality and customer service, he highlighted.Rainier Outdoor has been providing yurts, cottages, tipis and wall tents, along 800-944-0240www.yurts.comwith a variety of other products for over 120 years, beginning with a walled tent in the Seattle, Wash., area nPLAINSCRAFT COVERED WAGONSnin 1896.Melody Alexander, marketing director at PlainsCraft Covered Wagons, said thatThe company offers a things have been going great for the company as more park owners and develop- walled tent that it calls ers look for accommodation units that add uniqueness to their parks. the Centennial Tent and People are wanting them, and we are seeing that covered wagons are growingnotes that it is the same in the segment, she said. We have hired a couple of people to help develop thetentthatthecompany business and we are trucking along now. begansellingto prospectorswhowere headed to Alaska for the Alaskan gold rush. It has changed very little, said Dana Hendel Morgan, a shelter sales representativeforthe company. Rainier Outdoor has taken that concept and raised the overall peak of the ceil-ing using galvanized poles and a wood frame to create glamping cottages. It can have a 48-inch or 60-inch-wide glass French door, and we see people put bathrooms and kitchenettes in them, Hendel Morgan explained. We dont see people do that with the basic wall tents. The company operates a 144,000-square-foot facility that includes a fabric and metal shop. Every unit the company offers is produced in that facility. It is hard to nail down what is most popular because it depends on the project, said Hendel Morgan. Yurts are popular because people think they are so cool, and they are willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars to spend the night in one. Plus, they can be utilized all year, which is hard to do with tipis, wall tents or other units. Hendel Morgan said the company has had its share of supply issues and that it seems to fluctuate depending on the units they are working on. Our vendors have increased their pricing and we held out as long as we could, but we did have a price increase on Aug. 1, she noted. But we are honoring quotes that were already in existence before the increase. 866-483-6795www.rainieroutdoor.comnSECRET CREEKn Secret Creek had a big year in 2022, rebranding from the Col-orado Yurt Company and opening a new 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Montrose, Colo. John Gibson, owner and CEO of the company, told WCM that there is still a lot of work in the pipeline but that things have slowed from the fervent pace Secret Creek saw in 2021.People are very enthused, but were also finding that concerns about interest rates and the economy have people sitting on their wallets John Gibson r i g h t now,hesaid.Idont think were alone based on the phone calls Ive had in the last couple of weeks. Theres a definite pause happening on the purchasing side. Looking to the spring, Gibsonsaidthatthe companyplanstoroll out a new framing op-tion for its tents. 34 February 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'