b'SMART OPERATIONSA Fresh Look at QR CodesAlthough usage is steadily increasing from year to year, there was nearly a 25% Peterincrease from 2019 to 2020, with nearly 90 million Americans over the age of 18Pellandusing QR codes in 2023, according to a report published by Insider Intelligence.It has been 10 years since I wrotenearly 90 million Americans over theto a website?) On the same token,lytics, you can easily measure the on the topic of QR codes. Admittedly,age of 18 using QR codes in 2023, ac- when I see a tiny QR code down inamount of traffic to any particular at the time I suspected that thosecording to a report published by In- thecornerofaTVcommercial,Ipage of your website from a static two-dimensional barcodes that bearsider Intelligence. Of course, manydoubt that it can possibly serve anyQR code. The key is to have the QR a resemblance to square Rorschachpeople balk at this impersonal re- useful purpose or lead to an accuratecode link to a specific page that is tests may have been the latest petplacement for functions that havescan unless a user has a large-screenuniquely linked to the code or to a rock. QR, which is an abbreviationhistorically been performed by em- high-definition television, takes thespecific URL that redirects to a mo-for Quick Response, was originallyployees, allowing for greater interac- time to pause the commercial usingbile-friendly call-to-action page or invented by Toyota back in 1994 as ation with customers.a DVR, then scans. How many peo- perhaps a virtual tour. If you are means of inventory control duringWhen it comes to the use of QRple are willing to do that? My guessusing QR codes on your rack cards, automobile manufacturing. codes, the potential applications areis almost nobody.directory ads, postcards, your dis-Almost without us realizing it, QRalmostlimitless,atatimewhenplay booth at a camping show or a codeshavesincebeenwidelymostsmartphonecamerasrecog- Generation and Implementationposter at a nearby RV dealership, adapted to a variety of uses. Whennize QR codes without requiring theThere are two types of QR codes:you will want a unique URLand, you board a flight at the airport, onlyuser to install a QR code reader app,staticanddynamic.DynamicQRconsequently, a unique QR code for Grandma uses a printed boardingwhich was not the case 10 years ago.codes have been garnering a goodeach venue pass these days, while the rest of usA poster on the streets of New Yorkdeal of attention recently. These are Just remember, as with any of place our phones on a scanner forCity might advertise a first-run fea- QR codes that link to a third-partyyour advertising, do not presume the QR code to be read. In advertis- turefilmoroff-Broadwaytheaterservicethatmonitors,directsandthat the traffic that is generated di-ing,QRcodesgenerallylinktoaproduction and include a QR codetabulatesthecontent.Thesearerectly from a QR code is the sole website or a page on a website thatthattakesusersdirectlytoonlinewhat is used when you scan a codemeasureofanadvertisingcam-provides either more information orticket sales. A transit ad in an airportto check out of a hotel or to pay yourpaigns effectiveness. This exercise a call to action.shuttle might allow users to checkcheck at a restaurant. They are usefulwill only measure the traffic from Recently, with an interest in con- the status of arriving and departingin certainbut not allapplica- the QR code itself. For example, a tactlesstransactions,dynamicQRflights. Even college admission de- tions. Being run as third-party serv- QR code on a direct mail postcard codes have been embraced by manypartmentshavebeenusingQRices, there are going to be monthlywill only present that portion of the restaurantsasameansforcus- codestolaunchvirtualcampusfees involved except for very basic orresponserate,notquantifying tomers to place orders for any spe- tours.trial programs. For most purposes, aphone calls and people who visit cifictableusinganonlinemenu,Most campgrounds have limitedstatic QR code is generally what youyour website by typing the URL di-then pay their bills and leave a tip atadvertisingbudgetsandneedtoneed and want to use. Generatingrectly into their browser. It is only the end of the meal. Entertainmentspend their dollars wisely. QR codesyour static QR codes is an easy mat- one means for recipients to take the venues, sporting events, and manycan be displayed almost anywhere,ter, with many free online tools avail- prescribed course of action. hotels and RV parks are now usingbut QR codes on printed materialsable. One that I like is the QR CodeWhen embedding your QR code, QR codes to speed up the entry orsuch as directory ads, rack cards, di- Generatorthatyouwillfindatit is important to understand how it check-in process with nothing morerectmailpostcardsandbusinesswww.the-qrcode-generator.com/.will be viewed and from what dis-than the beep of a scanner. cards are more effective than theirYouenterthetargetandchoosetance. When displayed on various Quitehonestly,theCOVID-19use on any other media. For exam- whether you will be linking to a URL,media, here are a few suggestions to pandemic was the best thing thatple, QR codes on websites, embed- text, PDF file, your contact informa- take into account. ever happened to boost acceptanceded into e-mail messages and on TVtion, a text message, a phone call orPrinted materials (including rack andusageofQRcodes.Althoughcommercials get very low rates of re- an email message.cards,brochuresanddirectory usageissteadilyincreasingfromsponse. (Think about it: If somebodyads), generally viewed from a dis-year to year, there was nearly a 25%is already on a website, why are theyMaximizing Effectivenesstance of 1.5 to 2.5 feet, the QR code increasefrom2019to2020,withgoing to click on a QR code togoWith a bit of planning and ana- should be at least 0.75 to 1.5 inches in size. Large format advertising (includ-ingposters,signageandwindow cling), generally viewed from a dis-tance of 4 to 12 feet, the QR code should be at least 6 to 8 inches in size. Billboards(includingsignsat yourentrance),generallyviewed from a driving distance of at least 25 feet or more, the QR code should be at least 12 to 24 inches or larger in size. Given some careful thought, QR codes might enhance your ability to communicate with your customers. As always, you want to allow them toreachouttoyouinwhatever manner best fits their specific com-fort zone.PeterPellandistheCEOof Pelland Advertising, a company that he founded in 1980 that has been serving the family camping industry for over 40 years. His company specializes in build-ing fully responsive websites, along with producingafullrangeoffour-color process print advertising, for clients from coast to coast. Learn more about Pel-land Advertising at https://pelland.com or see their ad in this issue. WCM10 April 2023 Woodalls Campground Magazine'