b'From camping staples like fire rings and picnic tables, to the more exotic pieces like AquaBanas (pictured), campgrounds are keeping furniture suppliers busy in 2023. Photo: Commercial Recreation SpecialistsFurniture Manufacturers, Suppliers Stay Busy Amid Increased Demand for More Campsites P ark owners have been investing in both infrastructure and ameni-nBY RON BARGERties at a record pace as more campers hit the road. And with these improvements, of course,comes the need for furniturepicnic ta-bles, chairs, fire rings and more. If you were a furniture manufacturer, COVID had an impact be-cause products were in such high demand, said Scott Legatt, owner of Viking Outdoor Furniture. We will never see this type of demand again. We were out 16 weeks on product orders, and it was not because of sup-ply chain issues, but rather because of demand. Now things are beginning to settle down again. We are out about three to four weeks on most products.Last year was a record year again, said Bruce Webster, president of Lynkris Patio Furniture Inc. He told Woodalls Campground Magazine (WCM) that business is still brisk, but with supply chain issues easing, sales levels are falling back.We didnt have many issues securing fabric, Webster noted. Our freight- Furniture helps campers connect with the outdoors in a more comfortable environment. ing materials were coming in slower, and our umbrella stems got hard to source,Photo: Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Countryso I had to switch to other manufacturers. We also lost a couple of our tabletop manufacturers in the states. So, right now, Im dealing with a company out of When it comes to what is trending at campgrounds Webster said that ca-France. They had to shut down their U.S. facilities due to COVID.banas with furnishings are in demand.He said he is savvy enough to anticipate demand and stockpile the goods When they order two or three, they find that people like he needs to get through a season.them so much that they keep ordering more, he explained. But last year it was taking six months to get a tabletop, he said. This year Kendall Lecker, vice president of Great American Direct, they are trying to cut the lead times down. The supply chain is working itself out.told WCM, that more park owners are also investing in furniture for their glamping accommodation units. The campground industry has enjoyed several great years and many parks are adding new cabins, RV sites and making other improvements, she stated. New travelers are choosing the comfort of deluxe cabins, yurts or specialty accommoda- Kendall Leckertions over a hotel room on the road, making high-quality fur-nishings important.Liam Callahan, a marketing associate for Jamestown Ad-vanced Products, said that the electric vehicle trend is also hit-tingthefurnituremarketasmoreownersarelookingto purchase EV charging stations.We are pretty excited that we are starting to sell those EV chargers around the country, said Callahan. We build the tower for the power, but we use Wall Box for the EV charging el-ement. Recently, we finalized with Wall Box to make it so camp-ground owners can monetize the charging stations. They can include it with the site fees or establish rates for charging.Liam CallahanProviding the right products for the right setting is key. Photo: Barton Lake Jellystone Park Following are highlights from furniture manufacturers and providers in the RV park and campground space.16 April 2023 Woodalls Campground Magazine'