b"QUESTION & ANSWER nBY BEN QUIGGLECampersDAOs Travis John Planning to Use the Blockchain to Purchase a Park More park owners have slowly been adapting to a variety of technologies that have impacted how their parks are operated. From reservation systems to park management tools, apps and more, there is a variety of technological tools that help park owners streamline their operations.Technology is also helping more investors take a look at the outdoor hos-pitality industry as the demand for campsites continues to outpace supply and more developments and acquisitions are taking place. One unique way that investors are connecting with the outdoor hospitality sector is through a new project from CampersDAO.Founded by Travis John, the project plans to launch on Earth Day (April 22) and is going to use a blockchain-based membership path to allow a com-munity of investors to buy an RV park and manage it. Members will also receive a range of camping perks, privileges and expe-riences, including access to a Web3 camping community, discounts on camp-ing gear, invitations to special events and activities and the opportunity to contribute to the companys operations and get paid for their participation. Campers DAO hopes to utilize a democratized system to acquire a park and manage it,The CampersDAOs two Genesis memberships, the Trailblazer Member-while also scaling the model and potentially buying more parks. Photo: Shutterstock ship and the Pioneer Membership, will be the only way to invest in the com-panyandsecurevotingrights.Theprojectislaunchingwith8,000 Trailblazer Memberships and 2,000 Pioneer Memberships. John recently spoke with WCMs Park Update, a weekly show produced by WCM, about the new project, how it will work and what it hopes to accom-plish. John left WCMs Park Update with plenty of questions and the show plans to have him on after the launch of the program.Below is an edited transcript of that show. You can watch the full show at www.facebook.com/woodallscm or listen to it as a podcast on Apple Pod-casts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Scan to Watch This Episode WCM: Can you break down how thisIveownednearlyeverycamp- we are hoping to do: works for the audience members thatground membership out there, so IRaising funds directly maybedonthaveexperiencewithknow how a lot of these things work.withpeopleversus blockchains?Some of it I am a really big fan of,outside investors. Its Travis John: What we are looking toothers I am not.nottosaythatwe doissell10,000membershipstoBlockchain is just an evolution ofwouldntdothatin RVvisionaries, people that are typi- technology. Web3 just adds anotherthefuturewithour cally avid RVers. They donthave tolayeroftransparencyandputsscaling,butulti-be full-timers, but people that are re- things into more of a peer-to-peermately, what we want ally into the business and RV parks.opportunity, which is exactly whatis for everyone whoTravis Johnbuys a membership to have a voice. Theywillbepartofanadvisory board. Once people buy a member-ship,theycanhaveasayinthe growth of the company, not just in purchasing a park, but in managing it, where it is going to be located, what its name is going to be. We are looking to expand our footprint as we evolve. WCM: Does a potential member have to use cryptocurrency to pur-chase a membership? John:Werenotmakingthisall aboutcryptogeeksorblockchain geeks. We will have a credit card pur-chaseoptionavailablewhenwe launch. We've already set that tech-nologyupandwehaveplentyof FAQsonourwebsite (campersdao.com) as well. Ultimately people can use a credit card just like theyre buying some-thingonAmazon,whichisgreat, andthatcangodirectlyintoa blockchain wallet or a Web3 wallet as we like to call it. We will be providing sufficienttrainingforpeoplewho are new to this. This is not just for the peoplethatarediehardsbecause this is a very new technology, and it 24 April 2023 Woodalls Campground Magazine"