b"can be concerning for people whopark purchase. We wont be payingbecausewewantthesemember- would you want it to look like? What arent familiar with it.cash for the RV park, though. Wereships to be a true asset.kind of amenities would be there? There are a lot of things that yougoing to probably be looking at aWith current campground mem- What kind of events would you want have to take in because youre essen- prettysimilar20%to30%downberships,theresnosuchthingasto hold? All those things are in the tially the self-custodian in a lot ofmodel that is common among mostone thats valuable and one that youcontrolofthese10,000members, these things. Its different when youinvestorsinthisspace.Thiscan resell, unfortunately. You get dis- and we're going to, as the core team put your money in a bank and theresblockchain project is on a spectrumcounts,buthavingitbeanassetand myself, carry that out and follow FDIC insurance, etc. Here in the U.S.and anyone that says blockchain orwhereyoucansellit24/7onthethe vision of what they want. with blockchain and crypto, a lot ofWeb3 is an all-or-nothing thing isn'tblockchain to anyone without anyWCM: Once youve got these 10,000 things are back on the ownership ofdoing real-world projects. This is ared tape, that isnt available. We wantmemberships sold then the park is the individual.real-world project.these assets to be significantly valu- going to have to operate on self-gen-WCM: Is this RV park going to beWe're still going to have a corpo- able.Itsnotfinancialadviceoferating revenue because you're not open to the public? What is the goalration that owns the real estate, acourse, but 10,000 is a great numbergoing to have any more member-once you buy this RV park? standard U.S. corporation, of course,because it allows us to have a close- ship money coming in, correct? John: Its going to be a public RVthat owns the real assets and has aknit community, but not too big thatJohn: Yes, thats true, and we will park, but the members are going tobankaccount,andnormalthingswedonthavethepersonalizationlook at and consider outside fund-have a significant benefit of being alike that, which is required. The RVand the homey feel that we're look- ing.Wearealsolaunchingmost member,ofcourse,andtheyreparks that our members are going toing for.likely a secondary digital member-going to have priority access, signif- want to seek out are likely going toWCM: What sets this apart from aship, which would not involve any icant discounts that are not availablebe in that $10 million-plus range.timeshare operation? campground perks at all or any vot-anywhere else and more. We're alsoThat is just my estimate so far.John: Well, this is quite a bit differ- ing. Theyre not going to have any doingannualfreecampingdaysWCM: Youve got 10,000 member- ent because No. 1, this isnt an own- governance around the project at all. similar to other kinds of member- shipsavailable.Isthatamagicership thing. This is 100% advisoryThatwouldbeprobablyasignifi-ship models where during certainnumber? Does it only work if youboard focused. With timeshares, youcantly lower barrier of entry. It might timesoftheyeartherearefreehave a limit like that?have no say, just like campgroundbe something in the $100 range. We camping days available for people asJohn:No,ImeanintheWeb3memberships currently. Theres notwouldhavesomelevellikethat well.world10,000hasbeenkindofaa campground membership wherewhere it could be a significant driver Theresasignificantnumberofround number people have used foryou truly have any say in anythingof revenue and may even entail an benefits from the RV park, the phys- memberships with a few companiesthat happens. This is truly a commu- annual fee. ical part, but then we obviously willthat have kind of done this so far. Inity-driven project where the coreWe certainly will not avoid outside haveadditionalindustrypartner- mean,weretrailblazingabrand- leadersagain, this goes back to thefinancing for scale. We want to buy shipsandotherthingsthatwe'renew path in blockchain, and this isfoundation of decentralizationandone or two campgrounds through doing.being done in the golf business rightblockchainletseveryonebeinour current Genesis offering. Then WCM: The goal is to purchase thenow for golf courses. Its being donecharge.from there, if the community feels, parkthroughmembershipfunds,in a few other areas that are here inUltimately this is significantly dif- Hey, lets try to get 12 campgrounds correct? Or is there other additionalthe United States, as well. I've beenferent because were not selling own- in the next eight years, how do we do funding that may come into play? involved in a lot of these other proj- ership.Werealsonotsellingthat? Were going to look at outside John: Were looking to bring in be- ects, too. Were not completely blaz- fractionsofanything.It'sa100%funding. That's a very likely choice tween$6to$7millionfromthising a path that isnt already working,community-drivenproject.Whatfor us at that point. membershipsaleandthenthatbut 10,000 is just a great number. ItwouldyouwantasanRVpark?WCM: Is there profit sharing with would be the catalyst for the first RVhas a nice scarcity aspect to it as wellWhere would you want it to be? Whatthese10,000people?Dotheyget WOODALLSCM.com April 2023 25"