b"some of the profits from the park ornot profit sharing. is that not how it works?WCM: So, who benefits the most John: That isnt how it is going tofrom the profits that the park will be work and legally or ethically we cantgenerating?do that in any way at this point. AsJohn: The company that we set up soon as you exceed about a hundredis certainly going to be the main cor-people legally with any kind of own- poration that has a profit-and-loss ership or profit sharing, it becomesbalance. The decision-making will a significant barrier to legal protec- still come from the community, of tion at that point. Its ultimately bestcourse. So ultimately the community that everyone just has a voice. Whatwill have the say on how that money were looking to do is flip the scriptis spent. How I get paid, how much I and give everyone a voice and giveget paid, all those types of things are everyone a massive number of ben- beingvotedonthroughthe efits.Indirectlytheyregettingallblockchain. that profit sharing, but it's not in theWCM: Give us an example of the sense of money. Now that said, wetype of operational decisions that do have a paid option.this membership base would be in-Our founding members are goingvolved in. How deep could they go in to be our team members, theres notheday-to-dayoperationofthe questionaboutit.Ourcoreteampark? While Campers DAO will be utilizing membership fees to help buy a park, it will also be members are going to be hired fromJohn: As deep as the imaginationutilizing traditional sources of funding. Photo: Campers DAOthe community. No. 2, we also have acan imagine. Ultimately, this starts participate-to-earnprogramwherefromsquareone. Wereraisingthe we have a total of five or six differentmoney. Some of the initial proposalsknow you're not going to run to theneedstobeinmeandwhatI'm pods, essentially where all the coreare going to be similar like, how weBahamas with my $500?doing to take the leap, but ultimately operations of our company are run.structure the community with our fiveJohn: I hear you. The number ofthe community is going to be driving Thatll be done by the 10,000 mem- pods, who's going to get involved inscandals in the crypto business isthis.Imapublicfigure.Imout bers, not all 10,000, but theyll be in- those, etc. I have a framework Ive al- outrageous. Its frustrating. But any- there, people know who I am. Theres vited. There may be 200 or 300 that areready kind of set up that I feel is a besttimetheresopportunityandnewnoanonymousthing.Itsallvery involved in the core operations of ourpractice, but ultimately, theyre goingthings without a little bit of regula- clear who I am and what Im doing company, and theyll all be gettingto vote on where we want our firsttion, there tend to be people who areand where we are going as a commu-paid to do that. Were creating job op- campground to be. I think thats thedoing the wrong things. Its unfortu- nity. I think that speaks volumes as portunities.Peoplewhoarefull- most exciting thing.nate, but the one thing that I couldwell. timers, maybe theyre out and they'reWCM: There have been some high- say is the demand is still massive. lookingforadditionalincomeandprofile crypto collapses and scams.The technology is proven and we'reTo watch the full program, includ-theyre involved in this project. This isHow's the trust in this area rightnot selling cryptocurrencies, so wereing segments that were not part of this a significant way for them to earn ac- now? Do you find that people arenot even remotely involved in that.transcript go to www.facebook.com/ tual real money for being involved instill pretty trusting and want to in- We are selling a membership as anwoodallscm or listen to it as a pod-the project. To flip on what youre say- vest in stuff like this? Travis, youasset. Were very far away from that.cast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and ing, there are ways to get paid, its justlook like a great guy, but how do ITheres an amount of trust thatGoogle Podcasts.WCM26 April 2023 Woodalls Campground Magazine"