b'INDUSTRY NEWSPark Model Builder Foresees Strong Demand Continuing TROY, Mich.With many camp-grounds across North American look-ing to expand and add amenities, the park model business is thriving, ac-cording to Dick Grymonprez, director ofparkmodelsalesforChampion Home Builders Inc. Were doing really well right now,turing environment. Grymonprez said The campgroundA lot of our facto-business is doing really well right now.rieshavereallybig So thats where our growth is, in thebacklogs,hesaid, campground resort communities.andnowtheback-Each Champion park model plantlogs have started to go has one or two or three dealers in aaway.Ourplants state, maybe, he said. But where thebuildmanufactured growth iswhere the numbers arehomes and park mod-coming fromare the big communi- els,soasthatbusi- Dick Grymonprezties, like Sun Communities, Cove, Eq- ness(manufacturedhousing)goes uity Lifestyles. All the big communityaway were able to build more park owners are growing their RV portfo- models,becauseourparkmodel lios and putting in RV parks so theybusiness is not going away. need rentals. And theyre buying parkThepaceofmanufacturinghas models for rentals.limited innovation in this years mod-And while thats where the biggestels and while theres not anything growth is, the entire industry is grow- thats earthshaking new, were finding ing as well.that customers are looking for more Overall,parkmodelbusinesssleeping accommodations right now. even with retailersis doing real well,So were building floor plans that have though, Grymonprez said. The in- bunk rooms, plus a loft.Were selling dustry business was up like 15% thisa lot more lofts than we used to and year for park models and RV businesswere also doing bigger porches with was down.a lot of outdoor space. Grymonprez thinks the growth isWood-burning fireplaces on those sustainableascampgroundstrytoporches are also very popular in the keep pace with the RV industry.current lineup, he added. If they keep selling half a millionOverall, Grymonprezs outlook for newRVsayear,thecampgroundsthe upcoming year is positive. havetokeepgrowing,hesaid.IYou know, there are no signs yet mean, Im seeing RV campgroundsthatIveseenintheparkmodel pop up everywhere and then as theybusiness that makes me feel any dif-want to grow their campground andferent, because all of our park model makemoremoney,theygetintoplantsthe ones that are building rental. Thatswheretheymakethejustparkmodelstheystillhave real money and all of a sudden theypretty big backlogs. Its our plants need park models, so thats where thethatonlybuildingmanufactured growth keeps going and going.homes and a few park models that Even as effects of the pandemic areare losing their back logs. Park mod-beginning to wane, supply chain is- els are still strong. Theres more de-suesarestillevident,buttheyaremand than there are people building starting to wash out of the manufac- them.Gary Gerard WCMKOA Promotes Kim Wootteon to VP of Commercial Strategy KampgroundsofAmericaInc.slyzing local competitive landscapes and (KOA)Kim Wootteonhasbeenpro- reviewing historical market data and moted to vice president of commercialrevenue trends to optimize activities strategy, according to a press release.and growth. In this newly established role, Woot- Kim has a disciplined approach that teon will lead local marketing, revenuehas brought impressive results to our managementandfranchisebusinessowned portfolio, said Darin Uselman, development, areas critical to the ongo- COOofKOA. Shehashelpedbuild ing, accelerated growth the companyproven processes we are eager to imple-hasbeenexperiencingforthelastment and continue developing for the decade.greaterKOAbrand.Weregrowing Previously serving as senior directorquickly, and Kims new holistic focus on of marketing and revenue managementcommercial strategy will continue that for the Owned and Operated Assets ofgrowth. KOA (OAK), Wootteons work leading aWootteon brings many years of rev-Check us out Online!talented team of marketers and revenueenue management and marketing ex-managers is expanded in her new roleperience within the campground and www.woodallscm.comto encompass local strategy and initia- hotelindustriesthroughherformer tives across the organization. WootteonworkwithBlue WaterDevelopment Scan to subscribe to our daily news feed and print publications and her teams areas of focus includeCorp. and The Grand Hotel and Spa, evaluating market opportunities, ana- stated KOA. WCM30 April 2023 Woodalls Campground Magazine'