b'It was humming along, and we hadhave some questions or maybe this is some people who had been camperstheir first time out in their new rig, were with the previous owners who had al- there to answer questions, help them to ready made reservations, said Thomp- their site and even talk them through son. They were excited to give us a trybacking up into a site for the first time.andexcitedtolearnthattherewereThompson stated that her firm is rec-other Spacious Skies campgrounds thatognizing that this is an industry seeing a they could visit. lot of growth because new people are Unlike most of Spacious Skies othertrying it out for the first time. parks, Minute Man does not have asThats really in line with the Spacious many season-long guests as its mostlySkies vision of just getting people to-short-term and weekenders. gethertomakegreatmemoriesout-Thompson said that each of the parksdoors, she noted. We welcome new the company owns has been upgradedSpacious Skies Minute Man is seeing more families since parents are more able to work from the road.andseasonedcampersalike,butwe to some degree. have seen people that are newer to this Some campgrounds, depending onmain recreation hall with arcade games,do on their own time or some activitiesas a hobby and a lifestyle.how long the owners had it, might nota pool, a playground and various recre- that will be led by staff members. Minute Man was the one exception have kept up with some of the mainte- ational equipment on the grounds in- Thompsonsaidwhenitcomestothat stood out in my head because we nance, she noted. Thats where we cancludingaBocceballcourtandcamping trends, she is seeing more fam- were seeing people that were traveling come in and focus on reviving the infra- volleyball. And then we also refined theilies who can travel because mom andfromTurkey,SpainandGreece, structureandfacilitiesandbringingdogparkthatwastherebecauseitdad work remotely. Thompson added. We had some bicy-back the facilities to a standard that weneeded a little love, Thompson said.Were delivering on the Wi-Fi front socle campers that had everything on a expectofourcampgrounds.MinuteNext year were planning a standard ac- thatwecanaccommodatetravelingpack and they were biking all over the Man was in great shape. So, this year wetivity schedule so that each weekendworkers and families, she explained.U.S. from Greece. All kinds of interna-put in a gem mine, which is somethingduring the peak camping season thereWehavenoticedlotsofnewbietional campers come to Boston.that all of our campgrounds have now. will be a theme and events planned thatcampers and prepped our staff to makeTo learn more about the park, visit In addition, the campground has afamilies can either help themselves andsure everyone feels comfortable. If theyhttps://spaciousskiescampgrounds.com Kappas Family Revitalizing Caladesi RV Park Using TechnologySet in scenic Ponderosa pines at 8,000 feet adjacent to the iconic BryceCanyonNationalParkin Utah is Rubys Inn RV Park and Campground,oneoftheoldest destination campgrounds in the U.S.Thecampgroundwasestab-lished in 1916 by Ruby Syrett, the great-grandfatherofthecurrent familyownersandoperators. Syrettwasahospitablerancher who settled in the area and saw a need to set up a few tents for trav-elersexploringthewondersof Bryce Canyon before 1928, when it became a national park.Rubys Inn has become part of the southwest national park loop due to its location near a number of popular tourist destinations. Were still right at the entrance of Bryce Canyon National Park, said Cary Deccio, who helps run the park that features 300 camp-sites, an inn and a lodge. Were a destination transient park. Most of ourcustomershaveanaverage lengthofstayofprobablytwo days. Normally, when we are not affectedbyapandemic,weare about 50% domestic and 50% in-ternational visitors. We get a lot of Dutch, French, German and other European guests.He said the alpine setting in the pines is part of a larger resort with variousaccommodationsand three restaurants.Inthesummertime,wehave lots of activities like horseback rid-ing, hiking and different things up hereinthemountains,Deccio shared. Fromthecampground, we dont have a view, but if you go into the park there are plenty of areas to look at things. The whole reason people come to us is for Bryce Canyon. Our season is gen-erally April through October.He said Rubys Inn and Camp-ground has become part of the na-tional park loop in the southwest for visitors to Zion, Arches, Capital Reef or even the Grand Canyon.ItscalledtheGrandCircle Loop, Deccio explained. A lot of folks are trying to hit us as theyre 36 April 2023 Woodalls Campground Magazine'