b'MODERN MARKETINGWhat Campers Want Fortunately for the modern marketer, while digital platforms and technologyEvanne change (tactics), the strategies for attracting campground business remainSchmarder at their most basic levelconsistent.Whatanidealtimetobeinthea smile or chuckle, prompt a memory orOnline video continues to boom, ac- and relevant information in a timely RV/camping business. Interest is high;encourageyouraudiencetospreadcounting for more than 82% of all con- manner to those that can use it most. were introducing outdoor hospitality toyour message by sharing it with theirsumerinternettrafficin2022. Why?Tip: This works great for checkout re-a new generation and expanding thecircle of influence. It runs the gambitVideo is entertainment that educatesminders, extended stay offers, event tick-camperdemographic;andreachingfrom photographs to videos, call-to-ac- and informs. It has the unique ability toets, flash sales and other time-sensitive youridealtargetmarketcouldntbetion and quote cards, infographics andtellavisualstory,howsomethingsevents. Refrain from overusing this com-more achievable. Images of beautifulmore. Visual marketing paints a picturedone, what others think of it, who prod- munication technique or youll become scenery, families recreating and camp- and evokes feelings. In our world, its auct users are, and what they look like.more of a bother than a welcome. fires crackling abound, resulting in, ifwarm and fuzzy outdoor inspiration.Videos on home pages can make the5. Make me feel special not lookers-to-bookers certainly camp- Resources: Canva offers both a free-differencebetweenjustlookingandWhen someone makes an effort to be ing-curious.and paid-level user-friendly graphic de- now booking. From YouTube to TikTokpart of your brand, be it through SMS, All well and good, new attention re- sign platform; explore the huge (2.7 mil- and Instagram, begin with small stepsemail subscription or social platform quires a fresh look at your customers (orlion)free,nostringsattachedstockor amp up your video programmingfollowing, it should be considered an those you wish to attract) with an eyephotographylibraryatPixabay.com;with new platforms.honor. These are your best customers. towardhowbesttocombinetheirPiktochart.com lets you create beauti- Topic ideas: Not sure what to film?Reward them with special considera-dreamsandexpectationswithyourful infographics for free.Consideraseriesoffacilitytours,tions. These might include early notice business goals.2. Tell me a storyevents, staff interviews, how-tos, testi- of specials, an advance day to book big Fortunately for the modern marketer,From the beginning of time, success- monialsorbehind-the-scenessneakweekends, the first offer of event ticket while digital platforms and technologyful marketing has always been about apeeks.ExperimentwithInstagramsales, or even the ability to take part in change (tactics), the strategies for at- good story capturing the attention andReels, full-screen vertical videos, ensur- surveys or study groups and have their tracting campground business remain imagination of consumers. For exam- ing you enable Facebook recommenda- voices heard. Building a super-fan base at their most basic levelconsistent.ple, think of Airstream. From exotic car- tionssoyourReelappearsontheircan pay off in word-of-mouth market-Smartphones have found their way intoavanadventurestocelebrityplatform, to breathe new life into youring, creating a fan that becomes a brand the hands of youngsters and seniors,Airstreamers to the rise of refurbs andvideo marketing program.evangelist. while Facebook may be for the olds itrentals, Airstream has a great story to4. Keep me in the loopConsider this: Word-of-mouth mar-still supports millions of users, and busi- tell. We call this story-telling tactic con- No one likes to find out about a party,keting (WOMM), a.k.a. social proof, can nesses continue to build on their hits andtent marketing. Everyone, every busi- a sale, an opportunity or any other hap- be seen across the Internet. Its an organic misses. As always, successful digital mar- ness has a story. The key is crafting it inpening after the fact. While many busi- sharing of experiences and opinions. 92% keting springs from understanding whatan interesting, relevant manner that en- nessownerslamentthatcustomersof Nielsen-surveyed consumers believe your customers want to know, wheregages your audience and encouragesdont read their signs, wont open theirtheir friends and family over any kind of theyareconsuminginformationandthem to become part of it.emails,ordontlistentoannounce- advertising but interestingly, only 7% of how easy it is for them to take action.Getstarted:Jotdownbriefbulletments, its your job to find the best waymarketers believe that word-of-mouth To that end, here are six sure-fire tac- points outlining your business storyto communicate with your guests andmarketingimpactsbuyingdecisions. ticscampersandcamping-curiousfrom how you got started to popularpotential customers. One very success- What side are you on? wishes youd implement.events/activities/localattractionstoful method is the judicious use of text6. Help me be part of the story 1. Capture my interest with beauti- how your staff has evolved and more.(SMS) messaging, sporting an open rateUser-generated content is not only ful, illustrative visualsUse this to begin shaping an interestingof 82% and an average response time ofhot, it is here to stay. Your customers are Visual marketing, or marketing withnarrative to share across your digital90 seconds. A brief message in the spiritcreating videos, leaving reviews, posting images, can help you tell a story at amarketing landscape. of keeping everyone in the loop canpictures, and blogging about what you glance. It can provide an emotional tug,3. Edu-tain mehelp you deliver important, interesting,do (see No. 5). So how can you make it fun to create and share the positive buzz about your business? Create a hashtag campaign, develop contests and offer photoops.Includeyourcustomers. Recognize them by name. Provide in-centives for them to participate. Pub-licly share your successes. People want to be involved. Provide the mechanism to make that work for your guests and your business. Try it yourself: Combine on-site loca-tions, incentives, and props such as card-boardpictureframeswithyourlogo prominently displayed or silly life-size photocutoutboards,andcampaign-specific hashtags; launch a selfie photo contest on Facebook or Instagram; issue a TikTok challenge. Record the results, re-fine the contest and repeat. Its understandable: Take some time in your 2023 planning session to put yourselfinyourcustomersvirtual shoes. What makes their hearts soar? What captures their imagination? How can you deliver that feeling, both online and at your park? Figure that out and everyone gets what they want.Evanne Schmarder, a longtime WCM ModernMarketingcolumnistand principal at Roadabode Productions, will soon be releasing the second book in her Marketing Your RV Park/Camp-ground Online series. Details to follow at roadabode.com WCM8 April 2023 Woodalls Campground Magazine'