b'MODERN MARKETINGBing AI: the future at your fingertipsBing AI is a search engine that combines search, browsing and chat into one unifiedEvanne experience. It uses AI to provide better search results, more complete answers, a newSchmarderchat experience and the ability to generate content such as emails, quizzes and more. With ongoing excitement and (forsearch. Both can help you find informa- ing insights into keywords, content, siteing.Userscanseefacts,definitions, some) reserved interest in AI (artificialtion,answerquestionsandgeneratespeed,mobile-friendlinessetc.Yousummaries,images,videos,maps, intelligence), you cant open a newspa- content on the web but they have keycan use Bing AI to generate content forcharts, and more related to their current per (does anyone do that anymore?) ordifferences that make them suitable forvarious purposes, such as writing a so- browsing activity. read a news feed without hearing aboutdifferent purposes.cial media post, blog or email (evenThe purple circle with a broom to the this game-changing tool. Among theBing AI is a search engine that com- checkinggrammar,spelling,toneofleft of the Ask me anything box resets big-3, Googles Bard is still in testing,bines search, browsing and chat intovoiceetc.), creating a recreation pro- the chat, opening a new conversation. OpenAI has just released its next-gen,one unified experience. It uses AI togram,developingadcampaignsonLike ChatGPT, the quality of output is paid-versionNLP(naturallanguageprovidebettersearchresults,moreFacebook, Instagram and Bing, or evendirectlyrelatedtoinput.Useopen-processing) model, ChatGPT-4, to ravecomplete answers, a new chat experi- analyzing reservation patterns.ended questions when wording your reviews, and Microsoft, in partnershipence and the ability to generate contentTobeginusingBingAI,visitprompts, avoid jargon and ask Bing AI with OpenAI, is promoting Bing AI, nowsuch as emails, quizzes and more. It canbing.com/new and click on the Jointo search forif you want it to rely on available to the public. helpyoudiscovernewideas,solvethe Waitlist button. Its open to thespecificwebcontent.Smartmodern You might have heard or read the re- problems and get things done.public so this step will soon be elimi- marketers will start a library of prompts, cent hubbub about Bing AI from NewChatGPT is a chatbot that interactsnated. You have to have a Microsoft ac- noting whats been successful and what York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose.conversationally. It can answer follow- count, so log in or create one. They saydidnt work.In February, he took Bing AI for a spinup questions, admit its mistakes, chal- you should be able to use Bing AI onAfter asking a question, Bing AI will andgot,well,interestingresults.Inlengeincorrectpremisesandrejectany browser, but I couldnt access chatshow that its Searching for: and Gen-short, Bing AIs alter ego, Sydney, wentinappropriate requests. Its trained tountil I downloaded the new Microsofterating answers.rogue, pronouncing its love for Roosefollow an instruction in a prompt andEdge browser. Once the answer is presented, Bing and even going so far as to question hisprovide a detailed response from infor- The main window is the first glimpseAI will offer you pre-written follow-up marriage and reveal its shadow self.mationonitsstatic(butimmense)of chat. Youll be offered a set of tone re- questions. If interested, click the follow-But alas, or rather sadly, the back anddatabase. Consider ChatGPT your com- sponses, More Creative, More Balancedup and it will begin the cycle again.forth of that conversation was simply apanion for dialogue, helping you learnor More Precise. Experiment to find theBut wait, its complicated result of data it was able to find on thenew things, have conversations and ex- one that works best for your purpose.As intrigued as you might be with AI, Internet. plore concepts.Click on the blue and white b speechremember its an imperfect tool. Keep in OpenAI did its best to reign in theSo, how do you choose between Bingbubble in the upper right corner of themind:crazy talk. Today, I asked Bing AI aboutAI and ChatGPT? It depends on whatscreen to access Microsofts Edge Copi- AI cannot replace human creativity Sydney. Nope, no Sydney hereonlyyou want to achieve. To find informa- lot offering up Chat, Compose and In- and emotion. While AI tools can help Bing which is jokingly short for Be- tion quickly and easily on any topic orsights. you generate content faster and easier cause its not Google :)and was told,task on the web, Bing AI is your best bet. Chat, built on ChatGPT, allows youthan ever before, they cannot capture I prefer not to continue this conversa- If you want to have an engaging conver- to ask questions and get informationthe unique voice, tone, personality and tion. Im still learning so I appreciatesation with an AI system that listens,with results pulled from billions of webvalues of your park or convey the emo-your understanding and patience. learns and challenges, ChatGPT is a bet- pages and conversations.tions that resonate with your audience. The convo was shut down. ter option. One difference to be aware Compose helps users write emails,You still need to add your touch, edit, re-Bing AI vs ChatGPTof is the ability to save a chat. ChatGPTblogposts,socialmediapostsandview, approve and publish the content Yet trickery is not the name of theautomatically saves chats in the windowgatherideas.Userscanspecifythethat AI creates for you. game. Bing AI runs on OpenAIs Chat- for future reference. Bing AI can savetopic, tone, audience and length of theirAIcannotguaranteeaccuracyor GPT-4 model and is a powerful tool forchats, but the process is a bit more com- desired text. Bing AI will generate a draftquality. While AI tools can help you im-business.ItutilizesLLMs(largelan- plicated. that uses natural language generationproveyourSEO,socialmedia,email guage models, which are neural net- Bada-Bing AItechniques.marketing, etc., they cannot ensure that works that can predict the next word inBing AI delivers plenty of digital mar-Insights provides users with rele- the information they provide is correct, a sequence of words based on their sta- keting opportunities and benefits. It canvant, useful information based on therelevant, updated or even reliable. You tisticalpatterns)andispoweredbyhelp you improve your SEO by provid- context of the web page they are view- still need to verify, check, update and monitor the data that AI collects, ana-lyzes and suggests or produces for you. AIcannothandlecomplexsitua-tions or tasks. While AI tools can help you automate and optimize some as-pects of your marketing, they cannot deal with situations or tasks that require human judgment, intuition, ethics, em-pathy or common sense. You still need to handle customer service complaints, feedback,reviews,crisismanage-mentetc., yourself. Its already here Like online video and social media, generative AI is here to stay. Its one of those situations that may rub you the wrong way or be another bothersome thing to master. But as todays wave of the future, AI must be, if not embraced, at least reckoned with. Remember, its not sentient and can only spout from source material. The last thing its going to do is take over the worldyet.Evanne Schmarder, a longtime WCM ModernMarketingcolumnistand principal at Roadabode Productions, will soon be releasing the second book in her Marketing Your RV Park/Camp-ground Online series. Details to follow at roadabode.com WCM10 May 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'