b'QUESTION & ANSWER nBY BEN QUIGGLECRR: A Lifestyle Company Continues to Evolve as It Grows and Integrates Technology, Like AI The park development market continues to show strong signs of growth as more investors look to enter the spaceeven with interest rates continuing to climb.Camp Verde, Ariz.-based CRR: A Lifestyle Company is one such firm that continues to grow as demand for campsites is still at an all-time high. The companyled by its flagship property Verde Ranch RV Resortcurrently has four parks with two others under development.CRR has also identified three other properties as future opportunities as well. It also launched a new third-party property management segment, CRR Hospitality, in early March.WCMs Park Update, a weekly podcast/video show produced by Woodalls Camp-ground Magazine (WCM), recently caught up with Mike Harrison, COO of CRR, and Erin Forrest, director of sales and marketing at CRR, to get some insights into what the company is focused on as it moves forward and how it is adapting new technology to help enhance the guest experience.Belowisaneditedtranscriptofthatshow. Youcanwatchthefullshowat https://www.youtube.com/@woodallscm or listen to it as a podcast on Apple Podcasts, Verde Ranch RV Resort was CRRs first venture into the market. Photo: CRR Spotify and Google Podcasts.but then we highlight and focus on theyou want your parks to be located in?one of your places? glamping aspect too. Either park modelWith the development of a park in SouthHarrison:Ithinkthatswherethe Scan to WatchRVs, cabins, luxury tents, covered wag- Carolina, it seems you are getting furtherbranding comes in. We build our web-This Episode ons and those kinds of things are cer- from your core parks in the southwest.sites as we build our marketing profile, tainly prevalent in all of our resorts.What are you looking for when you lookand part of that is mak-WCM: We love that second part of yourat expansions? ingsurethatallthe name A Lifestyle Company. That is veryHarrison: I think there are two compo- hallmarksofeach descriptive about what you provide tonents to that. One is from the develop- propertysbrandare WCM: What is the main focus of thesome degree, right? mentside,andoneisfromthecarriedthrough.You business? Are you concentrating on theErin Forrest: Absolutely. Our vision atmanagement side. And they both fit thecan see there is consis-RV side of the camping business and notCRR is to be the preferred provider evolv- same pattern. I think from an ownershiptency and that all of the focusing on glamping or cabins?ing the industry for the modern world.side, were certainly looking for high-traf- logos fit with that same Mike Harrison: We are focused on cab- Its a lifestyle and a brand that we are de- fic areas. If you look at all of our proper- CRR brand. ins, the tenting not so much. Our resortsveloping and delivering to our gueststies, theyre all along a major highway,Experientialhospi- Mike Harrisonare definitely upscale luxury resorts thatand our customers.I-95, I-10, I-17etc. tality is something that have either paved or compacted sites,WCM: How do you pick the areas thatAccessibility is in our mission state- wereafter,too.Wewanttoprovide ment. Accessibility because we want allcampers with something that is fulfilling. campers to be able to stay with us, butHopefully, theyve achieved their dream. also,accessibilityfromalocationalHopefully,theyreeitherrelaxingor standpoint as well. We are focused cer- theyrevacationing,ortheyreliving tainly in the warmer, full-year climates.somewherethattheyfeelspecial, Thesouthwest,California,Texasandwhether its the location, whether its the then obviously, the southeast areas ofamenity or whether its our people. Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, NorthWCM: Why did you decide to launch a Carolina and Tennessee.third-party management business?We wouldnt be opposed if somebodyHarrison: We have had some great suc-said, Hey, we got this property right out- cess so far, with Verde Ranch being named side of Yellowstone, or some of the otherthe RV Park of the Year by the National As-major destinations, but as we grow insociation of RV Parks and Campgrounds scale we want to stay concentric and(National ARVC), and we think we have clustered to areas that we can deliver thesomething to offer to other owners.best service until we scale to a more ap- We want to share what we can do, propriate and regional size.help other owners see success and drive As we look specifically for ownershiptheir marketing and reputation manage-developments, we like to focus on par- ment. With our hospitality slant and our ticular areas that have a need, that haveapproach, we want to expand our port-some transient demand. We take a lookfolio and be able to bring other resorts, at the demographics, tourism statisticsparks, storage facilities and hotels into and traffic counts too, just to make surethe fold. that we understand where were puttingWCM: Is there a potential for franchise a park makes logistical sense. Its not asagreements down the road?importantfromavisualstandpointIHarrison:Therespotentialforthat. think. It used to be important that youRight now, were starting just in third-could see a campground. In todays dig- party services. We will have certain crite-ital age, its not quite as important be- ria that we want our partners to meet, cause you can find them through manyand then there may be an option for apps.franchising down the road.WCM: Currently, you have four veryWCM: Who are you marketing these different locations for four very differentparks too? Families? Traveling workers?experiences. WhatdoesthecompanyForrest: Its a mixed bag. All of our bring in as far as consistency to makepropertiesarefamily-friendly,pet-sure that people know that they are atWCMs Park Updatecontinued on page 3816 May 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'