b"ware it is introduced toParks access all of CampLifes core features for $3 per reservation at a $99 per Basys Processing andmonth minimum. its credit card process- CampLife pays off fast by recapturing utility expenses with Remote Meter Read-ingpartnerandon- ing or Mass Meter Entry and matching price to demand with Dynamic Pricing, boardingmanager,Duffy explained. Over 35% of CampLife reservations are discovered on our com-Mary. The onboardingmission-free marketplace. This means new customers for free. Our one-time setup managerthentrainsfee is based on the number of sites and includes a dedicated onboarding Coach. campground manage- www.getcamplife.com mentandstaffon using the software.CampspotAnd,ifthecamp- Like most industries, we are seeing AI entering the campground space specifi-groundiswantingacally around optimizing and improving the guest experience, said Casey Cochran, new,beautifulADA- Campspots vice president of business development. Campgrounds are experi-compliant website de- menting with using AI chatbots to answer common park questions signed specifically foror reservation inquiries. Campspot is also actively exploring ways ease of camper reservations, they are introduced to our experienced web designer,that AI developments can add value to our customers and were ex-Keith, she shared. He designs Google-friendly websites that help campers findcited to see how we can leverage this new technology.the campground easier online. These three teams work simultaneously to get theHe shared that the average time for a park to onboard with campground up and running as quickly as possible.Campspot is two to six weeks. The timeline largely depends on the Many of its customers are new campground owners and it walks them throughpark providing the site types, rules, pricing and policies. Once these the process of introducing them to campground management.are established, Campspot handles the map creation, backend Our campground customers truly become our business partners as well asbuild-out, customer import and current and future reservations friends, she added. No matter if it is during the day, evening or over the weekend,Casey Cochran import. support is provided via text, phone or email by the people who have been there forCampgrounds get a dedicated implementation manager who learns and un-our campground clients throughout the process.derstands each park's needs as a business and how that transfers into Campspot, When it comes to costs, there are no upfront fees for its software as fees areCochran explained. This includes dedicated training as new parks get started. based on a percentage of campground reservations that come through the Camp- In addition to its knowledge base and support site, Campspot launched its Cer-ground Commander software. Customers are invoiced at the beginning of thetification Program for month for charges accumulated the month before the invoice.employeetrainingon Website fees are 50% upfront and another 50% once the website is completedtheparksowntime-and has been approved by the campground. Once approved and the second pay- line. ment is made, the website goes live online.These certifications The following new features have been added in the past three months:not only take the bur- Inverted site lock capabilitiesdenoffownersandMonthly/seasonal billing and email invoicingmanagers from train- Easily applied refunds, credits, management credits, or other types of chargesingthroughoutthe to accounts.year, but they can alsoAuto-fill city and state by adding a zip code.confirm who has com- Granular user permissions, controllable by management for each employee.pleted and passed each course, he said. We understand parks have employeesCampsite pictures can be added and changed on the campground site map di- young and old, seasoned and brand new to this industry. Having resources they can rectly by management.trust to get their staff educated without taking all of their time is and will always re- Credit processing charges can be charged to your campers with new reportsmain a priority for Campspot. available, including outstanding balance reports and improved settlement reports.Campspot's basic pricing model works on a per-reservation basis, $3 for online www.campgroundcommander.com816-835-9571reservations and $2 for offline. In the past year, we have launched upwards of 20 new features including inte-CampLife grations with three of the most popular online travel agencies, an analytics dash-We see more parks using 360 virtual reality tours, said Tyler Duffy, president ofboard that makes it easy for campgrounds to keep track of the most important CampLife. Since campers want to ensure their rig fits and remainmetrics, a certification program to help campgrounds and their employees get up close to friends or park amenities, CampLife lets parks upload mul- to speed quickly with the software, and an email marketing integration with tiple pictures and 360-degree VR videos for each site. It gives guestsMailchimp, noted Cochran. We also added the ability to sell POS add-ons during the insider view without leaving the reservation process.the reservation process. He said guests also expect availability to be updated in real-timehttps://software.campspot.com800-724-8620 andthatstaffbenefits,too,fromreal-timereservationssince campers can see what is available and the tool limits the need forCampWorks Reservation Systemsphone calls.Our CampWorks platform is a suite of products that enable real-time commu-As for AI, it has a long way to go. Some chat services answernicationbetweenthecoreofficesoftware,onlinereservations,storeand questions, but they depend on a database, explained Duffy. WereTyler Duffy remote/mobile users including management, staff and customers, looking forward to AI watching a VR video and estimating the distance betweenexplained Keith Johnson, CEO and founder of CampWorks.amenities and a specific site.He stated that todays guests expect to be connected and to have Once a park chooses CampLife an onboarding coach will reach out, usually theaccess to real-time information at all times. same day, with directions regarding setup.Our CampWorks Connect mobile app fills this need assisting Parks then work one-on-one with the same coach throughout their build, whichparkstomarketthem-helps our coaches deeply understand each parks rate structure, operations andselves and their commu-needs, shared Duffy.nity with their app that is Onboarding orchestrates each phase of the build including maps, custom rateseasytosetupanduse. and rules, and imports for guest and reservation data. They coordinate with cus- Keith Johnson Customers have access to tomer success, accounting and our software development team to set the roadmaptheir reservation information, can request for a successful park build.changes, check-in and out and can see When the build is complete, he said the coaches encourage park owners/opera- critical information about the park, hours, tors to test the system and provide feedback. Onboarding is a personal experiencemaps, local events and things to do, John-that gives parks a chance to get to know the CampLife software and staff.son explained. Remote managers and owners also have access through the app to their dashboard information which is updated hourly. Both staff and management also can have ac-cess to view lists of reservations, modify reservations, make new ones, enter pay-ments, send confirmations and receipts, all through their mobile device. AI is certainly a trend that will continue, which will only make systems smarter and able to offer more advanced features to helpparkoperatorsgrowtheirbusi-nesses, he said. Johnson said enabling fast adoption is a 22 May 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine"