b"Glamping Hub just went live. Hipcamp and BookOutdoors are in beta testing, but they should be live this April. He said the company has been doing websites for three years and has completed 1,000 for its clients but also integrates with existing websites and pairs well with its property management software. Site development is billed separately.Costs to take on RexNexus for a 100-site campground are anywhere from $1.15 to $2.70 per site. It'd be $200 or $300 a month, Mayfield said. Except if they have a shorter sea-son. If they have a shorter season, you're talking anywhere from $100 a month to $193 per month. We have a new addition that's going to do automated contracts and liability waivers on short-term rental contracts, like for weddings or events, or you can do long-term contracts all within the system, he added. That's around $260 a month. Instead of charging $2 per booking, we just charge a flat fee based on your units and season. New for the firm is a variety of innovative features. We just came out with our mobile app, so now property owners can check their reservations and bookings by downloading our ResNexus app. It's been heavily re-quested by our clients and we delivered that this year, noted Mayfield. We alsocan go into their panel on their dashboard and they'll see the Spot2Nite button. have a built-in contacts list that lets people scan a QR code and check themselvesThey press that button, and we get an alert that it's ready and that they want to con-out to save a parks staff time. They can add retail items, add payments and extendnect. reservations. Our new Night Audit for larger properties, campgrounds and parks,Spot2Nite then builds the app for the campground. basically is an end-of-day sequence that's found in major hotel chains that essen- We do everything for them, Broussard continued. We build it all out ourselves. tially lets you ensure the accuracy of all your financial transactions that have oc- We use their pictures, their data, their maps and stuff from their website. We're get-curred on your property on a particular day.ting pretty good at what reads easily and what presents well on the different plat-www.resnexus.com385-292-1518forms. Then we turn it on, and it's infinitely live. They geolocate every spot on a map if a park wants to do Mapview. Spot2Nite There is no charge for campgrounds if they are using any of the channels, CEO Terry Broussard along with his co-founder, COO Sam Bruner, operateBroussard explained. The platforms all have a flat fee. If you want to connect to Spot2Nite, a booking software company, out of New Orleans, La.any other channels, you have to pay that fee. It's their marketing platform. Market-I think we are one of the most directly integrated OTAs availableing for free. to the camper, presenting the widest array of parks from multiplewww.spot2nite.com877-778-2683 reservation systems, said Broussard. We know that some reservation systems seem to gravitate to- Stainless Software Inc.ward one cluster or type of park. So, we have a wide array of parks,There's no doubt that 2023 will be the year that AI touches everyone's lives and he added. We have integrations with Good Sam now coming init will become a household topic as the tools continue to evolve, said Billy Chism, through the goodsam.com portal, where our parks will appear aspresident of Stainless Soft-if powered by Spot2Nite. We're able to offer up instant bookings forware Inc. It will affect so all of those parks as well.much of our lives even if Terry Broussard Broussard stated a shopping cart feature is going to go live inwe're unaware of it. From early 2023 to let travelers build out a collection of spots in the campground or dif- marketing to social media ferent campgrounds for traveling.content to guest commu-You could conceivably get your RV spot, then book a cabin for grandma and putnications, user-friendly AI it on one bill, he said. We've had a lot of European travelers that like to sequentiallytoolswillgivecamp-book in the app. This will give them the ability to build out multiple stops.grounds a major compet-Setting up is easy to do as well, according to Broussard.itiveadvantagewhile If a campground is using one of the integrations that are currently in place, hesaving a ton of time and explained. These integrations include RMS, Checkfront, NewBook, RoverPass,money with in-house con-ResNexus, MySites, Staylist, and Firefly and Campground Solutions will be comingtent creation. on. It's just a matter of days. Once they reach out to us on our partner's page, theyChismsaidhiscom-pany believes every camp-ground has its own unique needs and that it is flexible enough to accommodate most requirements. We can have a campground up and running in one to two weeks in most cases after a quick call and a simple one-page questionnaire, he added. Our rates are very simple. $750 for a one-time setup fee and then a flat $2 per site reservation thereafter. No hidden fees, upgrades or contracts. It is strictly pay-as-you-go. All fea-tures, functionality and upgrades are included as well as 24/7 support. www.stainlesssoftware.com855-522-4369StaylistStaylist features an app that allows park owners to customize different features, including creating and managing rates, units, pictures, guests, payments, user per-missions and more The system itself can be up and running at a park in 14 to 30 days depending on what features, requirements and add-ons are needed, as well as the size of the park. After training, staff campgrounds will have a two-week timeline to enter reser-26 May 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine"