b'Beyonder Camp has relished the opportunity to expand upon its Beyonder Marine at Sterret Creek in Warsaw, Mo. Photo: Beyonder CampLike Campgrounds, Marinas SeeingBoomingBusiness as Investors Take NotenBY MIKE GAST There are people who have had slips here Adam Lendi always planned to add mari- for decades and they arent going anywhere nas to the growing collection of campgroundssoon, he said.that make up the Denver-based BeyonderBeyonder has raised rates for boat slips, Camp network. Lendi, the co-founder of theandnowgetsanywherefrom$1,800to company, found the perfect spot for his first$4,000 per season, per slip. Lendi said Be-marina purchase in rural Missouri in Augustyonder will likely continue to raise seasonal 2022.slip rates in hopes of eventually opening more Marinas look a lot like the RV side of theslips to the more profitable transient boaters. business, said Lendi. You have an opportu- Beyonder is also responding to the high nity to make great money with seasonal boatboater demand by adding another 44-slip slips, and the transient slips make just incred- dock to their operation this spring.ible money. Docks arent cheap, said Lendi. Our The Beyonder Marine at Sterret Creek lo- new one will cost us $550,000. But you have cation near Warsaw, Mo., has 285 seasonalto remember that youd be spending more and transient boat slips and 100 campsites. than that to develop 44 nice RV sites. Marinas have been in our business model for a while, but this one is the first one thatMarinas & Campgroundscame across our desk as a real opportunity,Could Be a Good Fit explained Lendi. Beyonder plans to keep adding marinas to Although the marina has only 10 boat slipsits five-location portfolio through acquisitions available for transient boaters, those 10 slipsand perhaps new construction. Lendi said contribute 10% of the marinas overall rev- campground owners with access to water enue.should carefully consider marinas as a prof-Lendi and his leadership team are bullishitable new revenue stream. on marinas because boatersjust like manyId suggest doing a thorough feasibility RVersare having a hard time finding astudy on any location, he said. That can be place to put their toys. Lendi said Beyonderchallenging because there are a lot of consult-inherited a boat slip waiting list that includesants in the campground business who can do more than 100 names. those studies, but I have yet to find anybody Check us out Online! www.woodallscm.com Scan to subscribe to our daily news feed and print publications Beyond just storing boats, Beyonder Camp also offers boat rentals, something it says helps to add to the bottom line. Photo: Beyonder Camp28 May 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'