b'Selahs Acres RV Resort is designed to give campers a space where they can connect with nature. Glamping accommodations are also part of the mix. Photo: Selahs Acres RV Resort The Fellows have also saved some of the parks historical buildings. Photo: Selahs Acres RV ResortRedstone Arsenal while they saved enough money to purchase the land for the camp-ground. They eventually purchased 14 acres of land in 2021 near Hazen Green, a tiny com-munity of 3,600 about 15 minutes north of Huntsville that was the site of a pig farm owned by Brooks and Hazel Church from the 1950s to the 1980s. It was the second largest pig farm in the state of Alabama, Meeka said, adding that the farm closed in the 1980s and the land was eventually taken over by nature. When we bought the property, our family started clearing it literally with machetes and chainsaws, Meeka said.Mosquitos would lift you off the ground, Mike said with a laugh. There were snakes, deer, raccoons, spiders and thorny bushes that would grab your clothes. But the Fellows have cleared out sections of their land to make it suitable for camping. Weve set up a glamping village in an area with pines, cedars and oaks, Mike said. Then the land tapers down toward the creek, where there are lots of cedars, beech trees and hickories. While the Fellows have enough land to build 60 RV sites or more, they want to keep their park small to provide their guests with a more exclusive experience in nature. We dont want people to open their door and look at the face of another RV. We want people to have space, Meeka said, adding that the park will also feature yurts and tree-houses. Their park has several old buildings from the 1950s, including two barns and a house, which they are restoring to preserve the his-torical heritage of the pig farm. They are also building a tiny house rental that was nearly completed in February. The Fellows have employed two elderly men to help them build their dream, includ-ing an 82-year-old contractor. They named their park Selahs Acres using a verse from the book of Psalms, which means quiet pause. We want people to come and stop and reflect, Mike said, So far, he said, the magic of their property and their dream is coming together. When teenagers come, they said, they use their phones to take pictures of sunsets in the woods and appreciate the beauty of nature. It has been a lot of hard work, determina-tion and a journey of faith to bring this park to reality, Mike said, adding, The path forward is to ensure Selahs Acres is a place families can come to reconnect with nature and each other. Given the natural features of the geog-raphy, the focus on education and the focus on community impact, (Selahs Acres) is sure to provide the greater Huntsville area an ex-clusive, resort-level experience that is much more than the average RV park. WCMWOODALLSCM.comMay 2023 37'