b'WCMs Park Updatefrom page 16 the time. friendly and work-friendly, and we like toIts been pretty effective. Every once inCAMPGROUNDa while, you come across something that market to all of them. Especially afterwe need to tweak the answer to. AI is only COVID, there are so many families thatas good as the information that you put are on the road. There arent as manyinto it. The more its used and the more properties for them as there are for theanswers that you provide, the better it is. 55-plus generation. Harrison: We are educating it. Our vi-We certainly see a lot of families and asion is to evolve the industry for the lot of people working from the road,modern world. I think wed like to say whether they are Millennials or Gen X.were first to this table with AI and that Then of course, we have a lot of snow- means there are a couple of hiccups, of birds because of our locations being incourse. If you follow Simon Sinek and Arizona, Southern California and then inyou know the Law of Diffusion of Inno-South Carolina.vation, were at the very front end. Its not WCM:Everybodyhasbeentalkinggoing to be perfect, but hopefully, it will about the low amount of campsite in- evolve and adapt as we go.ventory. How hard is it to market an RVWe only have it rolled out to the one resort right now? Are they waiting at theproperty for now as were testing it to see gates or do you really have to go out therehow it goes, but were pretty happy with it. and drum up the business?WCM: What is the five-year plan for Forrest: Its a combination of both. AsCRR?Mike said, some of the places are, if youHarrison: I think when we were creat-build it, they will come, but then othering our vision statement, and I dont places like Camp Verde are not in well- mean to sound esoteric when I say all known areas. this, we thought hard about, What did Our new property which just openedwe want people to say about us in seven in the middle of January in Ehrenburg,years? Our goal was never to be the Ariz.,River Sands RV Resort,isrightbiggest. There are other companies out along the Colorado River, and its right onthere that are a lot larger, have growth the border of Arizona and California. Thetargets and are publicly traded. Thats not big attraction there is the river and peo- who we are. Our vision is to evolve the in-ple come there for water activities anddustry into the modern world. river recreation.We want people to be talking about WCM:YourecentlyunveiledanAIus, Hey, whats CRR doing? What are theMICHIGANchatbot that helps with customer serv- things that make them unique, specialTO PLACE YOUR AD INice, Campy. How has that been going? and different? Our goal for five or sevenCAMPGROUNDS FOR SALEThe CampgroundForrest: Its been fun. AI is everywhereyears from now is certainly more growth. right now. My husband works in higherWe want to grow appropriately. Were notPotential Buyers Investment Section: educationanditsalljust going to absorb or acquire propertiesContacting Us Regularlythe talk right now. Itsfor the sake of acquisition. We want toContact G&G Media Groupfun being the first in themake sure that they meet our criteria574-266-7980 industrywithsome- and that we meet theirs. BRIGGS REALTY thing like this. As MikeI think in five years, do we have a port- www.briggsrealtyonline.comakollat@g-gmediagroup.comsaid, well break it andfolio of upscale RV resorts and maybewthorne@g-gmediagroup.commake it better. It also re- medium-scale RV resorts? An RV park616-942-1071ally helps with our cus- could fall in there as well. Do we have RV tomer service and ourstorage and self-storage? Absolutely. Are Erin Forrest call volume. If someonethere a few hotels sprinkled in there? Of just has a simple ques- course. I think its a bevy of hospitality as-tion they can ask Campy and Campy cansets that are collected with different divi- ADVERTISERS INDEXprovide that answer to them. It helpssions. open up our reservation coordinators orWere seriously looking at glamping-front desk agents to assist other guests atonly resorts as well.WCMB&B Electrical.40Pacific Yurts8 Firefly Reservations.25PayRange .37 MARKETPLACE Campground Commander .26Pelland Advertising34 The Campground Marketplace.28Phelps Honeywagon12 Campspot.27Philadelphia Insurance Co. 15 CheckBox Systems .7Pilot Rock/RJ Thomas.38 Cold River Mining13ResNexus .23 Colortime Crafts32RezExpert .21 Commercial Recreation Specialists.11Skyweb.17 Delta Treatment Systems.9Staylist19 Dri-Dek.14Sunland Specialties.36 Eaton10Tengo Internet.2 Fluid Mfg.12Tower Company30 Great American Direct .35Trumbull Recreation 28 Hialeah Meter2Utility Supply Group.5 K&K Insurance33WebRezPro Insert Kay Park Recreation32Wild Energy.6 Lancaster Log Cabins31Woodford Mfg.29 Lelands Cabins .18Workamper News32 MySites16 38 May 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'