b'INDUSTRY NEWSFlorida ParksSpacious Skies Campgrounds in Growth Mode Report HighWhile Celebrating its Second Year in Business Occupancy inSpaciousSkiesCampgroundsiseted in the last couple of years, and we completing its second full year on a highknow that there is a demand and appre-Snowbird Season note with the March acquisition of itsciation for our brand of authentic, lo-14th campground, Spacious Skies Bearcally connected campgrounds among Some RV parks and resorts in Florida areDen in Spruce Pine, N.C., the roll-outtodays recreation-embracing campers. already filling up with reservations for nextlast month of its new Spacious SkiesAlong with the acquisitions, the com-winter after enjoying a very strong snowbirdLoyalty Program and a fresh website de- pany has launched numerous enhance-season, according to park operators and of- sign that reflects the young companysmentandexpansionprojectsto ficials with the Florida RV Park and Camp- innovativeapproachtocampgroundmaximize the potential of each camp-groundAssociation,whichhostsmanagement.ground and ensure that each location CampFlorida.com, the travel planning web- Thecompanywasco-foundedonsupports the companys mission. While site.March 19, 2021, by New Jersey-basedevery campground has a unique per-Overall business is very good, but thecamping enthusiasts Eric and Ali Ras- sonality and natural backdrop, all fea-location is a major factor with parks in themussen. The couple had been search- ture consistent standards of customer heavily populated snowbird areas seeinging for an opportunity to allow them toservice along with high-quality facilities upwards of 90% to 100% occupancy forutilize his background in real estate andand amenities. thisyearswinterseason,saidBobbycapital markets and her career stops inAliRasmussenandtheSpacious Cornwell, president and CEO of the Floridamarketing, creative and talent recruit- Skies team have garnered the attention RV Park and Campground Association.ment.ond year has marked numerous suc- of the industry and travel press as well. While some park operators have statedThecompanyacquireditsfirstcesses. The company nearly doubled itsAli Rasmussen was profiled recently by their occupancies are around 50% to 60%,campground,Spacious Skies Walnutcampground countfrom eight to 14 the RV Womens Alliance. The profile ap-most are 85% or above with advancedGrove in Alfred, Maine, in May 2021. Ad- in the last 12 months. Additionally, thepeared in RVBusiness. reservations looking good, Cornwell said.ditional campgrounds quickly followed,company pursued an aggressive hiringSpacious Skies Campgrounds have Examples of highly sought-after parksand by the companys first anniversary,strategyparticularly at campgroundsalso garnered industry awards. For ex-include:there were eight Spacious Skies camp- and at the headquarters levelto en- ample, RV Share awarded two of its 12 Torrey Trails RV & Golf Resort in Bowl- grounds including two in Maine andsure quality operations to match theCampiesawardstoSpaciousSkies ing Green leased all 368 of its available RVtwo in New Hampshire as well as incompanys mission to offer fun, relaxingCampgrounds. And in a company pro-sites for the winter of 2024 during the firstNew York, New Jersey, Massachusettsandauthenticcampgroundexperi- file, Woodalls Campground Magazine 15 days of this year, according to Amirand Virginia. The company also spentences in destinations with abundantlaudedthecompanysamazing Harpaz, a co-owner and operator of the re- its first full operating year building anoutdoor recreation and attractions.growth. Campgrounds have received sort.in-housecampground-managementIts been an incredibly exciting, chal- regionalawardsandaccolades,too. UpriverRVResort in Fort Myers is alsoinfrastructure from scratch that pro- lenging and gratifying two years, and ISpacious Skies Hidden Creek in Mar-experiencing exceptionally high demand,videson-sitecampgroundmanagersam deeply grateful to our talented Spa- ion, N.C., for example, was named the according to Lynda Phelps, who managesSpacious Skies-specific training on cus- cious Skies team for embracing our mis- Most Family Friendly Campground in the 400-site park. We are taking onlinetomer service and hospitality (brandedsion and helping us position Spaciousthe North Carolina Mountains by the reservations. Were probably over capacityCamperCare),managementofSkies Campgrounds as a campgroundCarolinas Association of RV Parks and for next year. Its amazing, Phelps said. campground infrastructure and generalbrand and company with a recognizedCampgroundsandSouthernLiving Sunlight Resorts is experiencing strongadministration skills. Tools like IT, hiringauthentic flare and, most of all, a gen- namedSpaciousSkiesShenandoah demandforitstwonewRVresortsinprotocols and a marketing foundationuinedepthofcharacter,saidco- Views one of the 17 Best Places to Camp Florida, which cater to snowbirds, accord- have rounded out the early program.founderAliRasmussen.Thein Virginia for Every Type of Adventure.ing to Trey Lemon, Sunlights marketing di- Spacious Skies Campgrounds sec- enthusiasm for camping has skyrock- WCMrector. This year were basically going into our third season at the Resort at CanopyWCM Launches News Updates on LinkedInCARVC Sees PassageOaks in Lake Wales. This has been our best year so far, he said.WoodallsCampgroundMagazineof Ejection Law in N.C.Sunlight also just opened Champions(WCM) has launched a new informa-Run RV Resort in Ocala last July and thetion source on LinkedIn, WCMs DailyThe Carolinas Association of RV Parks 382-site park was at roughly 50% capacityNews Updates, which will provide aand Campgrounds is celebrating the passage during the winter months, but demand isbrief breakdown of the top three to fourof a bill in North Carolina that clarifies ejection growing, Lemon said.stories of the day.rules for park owners.Further to the north, Madison RV andWe wanted to meet people whereAfter a two-year battle and with the help of Golf Resort in Madison was at 95% capac- they are at and as we continue to growpliers. WCMs Park Update: SupplierN.C. lobbyist Ed Hanes, N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper ity this winter, but only because the parkWCMs presence on LinkedIn it madeShowcase is designed to focus on in- decided to let Senate Bill 53 pass without his kept open a few RV sites to accommodatesense to create this service so that indi- dustry vendors by providing both busi- signature.traveling RVers. As of right now, werevidualsontheplatformcanquicklyness and product updates. The bill, provides that every innkeeper shall going to have 100% (of our snowbirds) re- glance at the top stories, said Ben Quig- Videos in the Supplier Showcase seg- at all times provide suitable lodging accommo-booking for next winter, said Brian Fair- gle, editor of the magazine. WCMs goalment are between five to ten minutesdations for persons accepted as guests in an cloth, a developer and manager of the park.has always been to provide news and in- long, offering viewers a chance to learninn, hotel, motel, recreational vehicle park, A new park, Island Oaks RV Resort information that impacts the outdoor hos- more about a company and its productscampground or other similar transient occu-Glen St. Mary, also had a very strong firstpitality industry, and this is just one morein a short span of time.pancy; provides that an agreement related to a winter season. We held long-term occu- way that we are serving our readers.Anewvideointheserieswillbetransient occupancy shall not be deemed to pants throughout the entire season and ex- The new feature allows WCMs read- posted at 9 a.m. EST every Thursday.create a tenancy or a residential tenancy unless pectevenmorethisnextwinter,saiders on LinkedIn to see the top three toThe videos are hosted by Alex Burkett,expressly provided in the agreement. Gladys Lupu, Island Oaks marketing andfour headlines of the day, read a quickWCMs digital media coordinator. WhatdoesthismeanforN.C.parks? events coordinator.synopsis of the story and click a link toThis new video series should allowShort-term stays of 90 days or less cannot Sun Outdoors, which owns and oper- learn more.park owners/operators to glean moreclaim domicile and residency in campgrounds ates RV resorts throughout Florida, has alsoIndividuals who utilize LinkedIn caninformation about the wide variety ofunless owners agree to this action.experienced rising demand for its RV sitessubscribe to WCMs Daily News Updatessuppliers in the outdoor hospitality in- What about 91-day stays? In accordance from snowbirds, according to Maher K.by going to https://www.linkedin.com/dustry, explained Quiggle. We wantedwith this regulation, the guest can declare Sarafa, Suns marketing director for man- company/woodallscm. to be cognizant of our viewers time anddomicile and residency. A parks agreement ufactured housing and RV developments.WhileWCMsDailyNewsUpdatesthat is why we really keyed in on short,can state in writing that it is a short-term stay Sarafa added that Suns 2024 snowbirdoffer a look at the top 3-4 stories of the day,efficient videos with this new series. Itlocation and not residential. A park can re-reg-bookings have kept pace with the com- readers can also subscribe to WCMs dailycomplements our mission as a tradeister its guests every 30 or 60 days.panys projections at its new resorts, in- emails to get all the news that is impactingpublication that provides news and in- For any questions, contact Michael Hobby, cluding Sun Outdoors Islamorada and Sunthe industry. To subscribe for free, visit:formation to the industry.chairmanofthegovernancecommittee, Outdoors Orange Beach in Orange Beach,https://woodallscm.com/subscribe/You can watch the Supplier Show- michael@moonlandingrvpark.com; or Dee Ala.WCMWCMhasalsolaunchedaweeklycaseonWCMsFacebookandWitting,executivedirector,carvcmember-video segment focused on industry sup- YouTube pages. WCM ship@outlook.com. WCM4 May 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'