b"MODERN MARKETINGChatGPT and the Rise of GPT Agents During OpenAIs first developer conference in early November 2023, former CEO SamEvanne Altman rolled out the big guns, presenting what many see as the true beginning of theSchmarderAI era: custom GPT agents. These are personalized, single-topic, user-friendly bots, ush-ering in a new era of cyber-assistants tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses.Maybe we called it magic, maybegraded version is ten times more ad- tions.privacy regulations, especially when apotentialthreat,butthesci-fivanced than its previous iteration,ConsiderincorporatingGPThandling customer information and scenes of machines coming to life,featuring new capabilities such asagents into emergency response sys- reservations. like HAL, have intrigued us for years.interpreting images and videos, bet- tems, helping staff and campers withProvide local information: Lever-In 1997, IBM's Deep Blue beatingter understanding of specific com- urgent needs or providing guidanceage GPT agents to offer local infor-chess world champ Garry Kasparovmands,andimprovedspeedandduring unforeseen situations.mation and recommendations. This left us in awe. Since then, we've wit- accuracy.TrainedoninformationDefineobjectivesandgoals:could include suggesting nearby hik-nessedself-drivingvehiclesfromuntil April 2023, this release marks aClearlyoutlinetheobjectivesandingtrails,sharingdetailsabout Tesla,Roombasnavigatingournoteworthy step forward.goals for implementing GPT agents.wildlife or recommending local at-homes, virtual assistants like Siri andDuring OpenAI's first developerWhetherit'simprovingcustomertractions and dining options. Alexa becoming everyday tools andconference in early November 2023,engagement,automatingreserva- Collaborate with local businesses Google Maps providing turn-by-turnformer CEO Sam Altman rolled outtion processes or enhancing com- and attractions to keep GPT agents directions. However, it wasn't untilthe big guns, presenting what manymunicationhavingwell-definedupdated with the latest information, about a year ago that artificial intel- see as the true beginning of the AIgoals will guide the implementationcreating a dynamic and valuable re-ligence (AI) truly caught the world'sera: custom GPT agents. These areprocess.source for campers. attention.personalized,single-topic,user- Establish key performance indica- Provide camping-specific infor-In November 2022, OpenAI in- friendly bots, ushering in a new erators (KPIs) in writing to measure themation: Develop interactive guides troduced ChatGPT-3.5, a free toolofcyber-assistantstailoredtothesuccessofGPTimplementation,or tutorials within the GPT system to that responds to conversation-styleneeds of individuals and businesses.such as response time, customer sat- assistcampersinpracticaltasks commands or prompts. The moreThink of ChatGPT as a versatileisfaction, and the percentage of in- such as building a campfire, making specific and pointed the prompt,tool: you input a question or request,quiries handled autonomously.smores, setting up a tent, leveling an the better the results. This chatbotand it responds. Smart modern mar- Customize for park specifics: Tai- RV, or efficiently managing waste-tapsintoavastdatabaseofpre- keters will imagine GPT agents as in- lor the GPT agent to your businesswater, enhancing their overall camp-learnedinformationtoprovidetelligenthelperscustom-designedspecificneeds.Thismayinvolveing experience. practical, actionable responses. Forfor specific needs. They go beyondtraining the agent on information re- Monitor and improve: Regularly instance, need a starting point for asimple Q&A. These agents can han- lated to campground facilities, poli- monitor the performance of the GPT marketingcampaign?Enteradle various tasks, evaluate outcomescies, local attractions and frequentlysystemandgatherfeedbackfrom promptintothecommandline,based on specific goals, and refineasked questions.users.Identifyareasforimprove-and within momentsnot min- processes until the best solution isRegularly update the GPT agent'sment and update the system to en-utes, you'll have a framework readyachieved.knowledge base to stay current withhance its capabilities over time. to be used or refined.any changes in campground facili- Staff training and collaboration: Theglobalresponsewasstun- GTP Agents at Your Parkties, policies or local attractions.Traincampgroundstafftowork ning. By January 2023, over 100 mil- ImplementingGPTagentsinaIntegrationwithcommunica- alongside the GPT agents. Empha-lionpeoplewereusingthisAIcampgroundsettingcanenhancetionchannels:IntegrateGPTsize the complementary role of GPT chatbot. Leading tech giants rushedoperational efficiency, improve cus- agents with relevant communica- agents, relieving staff from routine to join the trendGoogle intro- tomer service and streamline vari- tion channels, such as the camp- tasks and enabling them to focus on duced Bard, Microsoft created Bingous processes. Intrigued? Here's aground's website, mobile apps orproviding personalized assistance or (powered by the OpenAI platform),step-by-stepguideonhowyoursocialmediaplatforms.Thisen- handling more complex issues.andAnthropic,aSanFrancisco- propertycouldbeginusingGPTsures that visitors can easily accessEnsurethatemployeesbecome basedstartupfoundedbyformeragents:information and interact with thefamiliar with the system, understand OpenAI employees, brought ClaudeIdentifyusecases:DetermineGPT system.its capabilities and can step in when to life.specific areas where GPT agents canEmploy a user-friendly interfacemore personalized or complex assis-be beneficial in the campground set- forseamlessinteraction,ensuringtance is required. OpenAIs Notable Advancesting.Thiscouldincludehandlingthat the GPT agents provide a posi- Operationalstafftraining:Up-InMarch2023,OpenAIintro- customer inquiries, providing infor- tive experience across various com- loadtrainingandsafetymanuals ducedChatGPT-4,alsoknownasmation about amenities and activi- municationchannels.Incorporateand task a GPT agent to create an in-ChatGPT Plus, a subscription serviceties, assisting with reservations oryour brand imaging.teractive, self-directed staff-training priced at $20 per month. This up- evenofferinglocalrecommenda- Implement in customer service:programforeachoperationalde-Deploy GPT agents to handle cus- partment.tomer service inquiries. This could include answering questions aboutTech Tomorrow, Todayreservations, providing informationIt is the opportune time to inte-on available sites, explaining camp- grate AI into your operation with-ground rules or offering guidance onoutgettingoverwhelmedby activities.technicalcomplexitiesorcatch-Monitorcustomerfeedbacktoups. If you see your business future identify common issues and contin- success aided by todays technol-uously improve the GPT agent's abil- ogy, begin exploring how GPTs can itytoaddressspecificcustomerhelpyouachieveefficiency,per-inquiries.hapseveneasingthestressof Enhance reservation processes:chronic staffing shortages. Working with your res platform, useNow is the future of modern mar-GPT agents to streamline reservationketing. Say hello to tomorrow. processes.Allowvisitorstocheck campsite availability, make reserva- EvanneSchmarder,alongtime tions, and receive confirmation de- WCM Modern Marketing columnist tailsthroughtheGPT-poweredand principal at Roadabode Pro-system. This reduces the workloadductions, will soon be releasing the onstaffandprovidesaseamlesssecond book in her Marketing Your booking experience.RV Park/Campground Online series. Ensure that your chosen providerDetails to follow at roadabode.comcomplies with data protection andWCM10 January 2024Woodalls Campground Magazine"