b'Electrical SuppliersHot Trends in Smart Metering and Alternative Solutions Many electric product suppliers are finding that park owners are interested in cost-saving technology, like solar lighting. Photo: Gama SonicM ostparkownershaveno- with Wild Energy to provide customers with ation and we get calls that the current solutions nBY BEN QUIGGLE ticed a jump in their electri- smart metering solution. on the market are too expensive, he noted. cal costs. In fact, some areasFor those park owners looking to take controlBeing in the campground business as long as haveseena25%jumporof their utility costs and usage,we have been, we know that the bottom-line more over the past few years. we are excited to offer this to ourmatters to campgrounds. Itisnosurprisethencustomersasasolidoption, While smart metering is a major trend, so, too, that electric product suppliers in the outdoorsaid Heidi Doyle, USGs educa- is a look for alternative solutions to using elec-hospitality industry are making a concerted ef- tionandstrategicrelationshiptricity, such as solar power. Matt Cohen, director fort to highlight products that conserve energycoordinator.Additionally,weof commercial sales for Gama Sonic, noted that while also recouping costs. are the only ones who offer thehis company was busy in 2023 and he expects to Smart metering is one of the hot trends forRVPowerGate,areceptaclebe even busier in 2024.park owners across the country and electricalHeidi Doyle blockerwhichprohibitsa More and more parks are con-equipment suppliers are responding with nu- camper from plugging into a pedestals 50-ampverting from old electrical and gas merous partnerships and new product devel- and 30-amp receptacles simultaneously.lighting to our commercial grade opments that make the process of gatheringJoshLodestro,directorofsolarlightingoncetheyrealize meter data more efficient. Jamestown Advanced Products,thecostsavingsand,insome JamestownAdvancedProductsjustre- said that the company decidedcases, the fact that they can use leased its new SiteSync smart metering sys- to develop its own product aftertheir existing poles as well, he tem, while Wild Energy, a company that hasgettingrequestsfromitscus- explained.Matt Cohenbeen offering smart metering for a number oftomers.WoodallsCampgroundMagazine(WCM) years, continues to see major growth in theWevebeenaskedformanygathered several business updates from electri-sector. yearsbyourcustomersifwecal equipment suppliers, and those updates are Utility Supply Group formed a partnershipJosh Lodestro have a smart monitoring solu- listed below in alphabetical order.B&B ELECTRICALvehicles and charging stations are going to continue being a hot topic.Matt Linnell, the owner of B&B Electrical,We might see more new developments and expansion projects come back to the told WCM that while business has been up anddrawing board as a higher demand for electricity takes hold, he explained.down in 2023, the company is ending the year888-391-3802www.bbelec.com on a positive note.We expect things to continue to get better as manufacturers catch up to pre-pandemicEATON CORPORATION levels of stock, noted Linnell. We continue toEaton Corporation sells a variety of electrical equipment focus on our core products with an eye towardthrough its Marina Power & Lighting/RV Park Hookups divi-innovation in the electric vehicle sector andsion. price leveling on those innovative products.The company has noticed an increase in questions about The company offers a wide array of productselectrical metering and EVs. including pedestals, meters and more. B&BsEatons new Campmate CS pedestal, which consists of a layout services are also extremely popular, ac- carbon steel stand with an optional integrated water box, can cording to Linnell, and the company sells solar- be installed either pad-mounted or direct burial. Officials powered lighting.highlighted the units photocell-controlled LED lighting, re-Looking forward, Linnell said that electricmote monitoring capabilities, 250-amp service rating and 14 January 2024Woodalls Campground Magazine'