b"standard sandalwood finish.site furnishings, and that is what we have been able to accomplish, The company has been dealing with supply chain issues but notes that lead timeshe noted.are still better than some of its competitors.Lodestro said that the company is currently working on integra-757-258-6324www.eaton.comtions with park management systems (PMS) and hopes to have those options available early next year. He also explained that Site-Sync customers receive 5% off all other Jamestown products.ELECTRICAL WORKSLodestro mentioned that the installation process is meant to be Tristan Ciceri, vice president of Electricaleasy for park owners to tackle. Works,aFlorida-basedcompanythatdoesThe end goal is to have the price of the energy consumed by electrical design work, including upgrades andthe camper automatically placed on their invoice, he said. It expansions of parks in the Southeast and Texas,reduces the labor time on the park to type that into the campers Arizona, Virginia and Ohio, told WCM that busi- bill. ness has been good.Lodestro said that Jamestown has had a very busy and produc-We have continued to grow and accommodate our customers needs, said Ci- tive year, as they worked to roll SiteSync out. ceri. We expect another huge year in 2024 with a lot of RV parks in developmentFrom what we are hearing, campgrounds also had a busy year, and constructing expansions to existing properties. he explained. We are also expecting a strong 2024. Electrical Works continues to focus on expanding and scaling its operations so800-452-0639www.jamestownadvanced.com that it can handle the demand for its services throughout the country.Electrical Works also helps developers and park owners go through the design process and will submit bids based on those designs.UTILITY SUPPLY GROUP After collecting and reviewing the information they develop a recommendationUSG has seen healthy growth during the year, with and present that to the customer along with an estimate to complete the work, saidthe first and second quarter finishing ahead of pro-Ciceri. We know what to look for when we are onsite, and you can trust that you'rejected sales.getting an industry trusted and approved price to form a budget on.USG currently has a large stock of pedestals which 352-460-0810www.electricalworksflorida.comhas helped us be an easy choice for park owners and we expect that will continue, explained Doyle. While we are working with manufacturers to reduce lead GAMA SONIC SOLAR LIGHTINGtimes on distribution panelboards, we still strongly Workinginthesolarindustrysince1985,encourage customers to order these products months Cohen said that the company has installed solarin advance to avoid delays. All indications are that the lighting in thousands of communities acrossindustry will continue to grow in 2024 and we expect North America.to mirror this trend. Cohen said solar lighting is becoming moreFor the past year, the company has focused on popular at parks because it eliminates the needmanaging its inventory expectations, monitoring its to trench wiring throughout the property.product distribution logistics and reducing freight Many parks have dark areas which requirecosts to its customers.light, but running electrical wiring and conduitWe are also working to expand our presence at in-gets very expensive and is cost prohibitive, notdustry association conferences, Doyle highlighted.to mention the cost to dig and trench, which isUSG has seen many inquiries and requests for spe-alleliminatedwithoursolarlights,Cohencialty electrical pedestals and the company now offers noted. They only require a small concrete foun- another option in this market.dation and direct sun to function from dusk tillLeviton, a leader in electrical wiring equipment for over 100 years, is now man-dawn.ufacturing two RV pedestal options which are perfect for property owners looking He also said that the lights are designed to not be intrusive and only focus the lightfor a modern and unique solution, Doyle said.downward, not out or up. 800-800-2811www.go-usg.com They are not shining into windows or blinding residents or visitors who enjoy their surroundings at night, Cohen explained. They offer just enough light so campers can see where they are going and what might be coming out of the shadows.WILD ENERGY Safety and security also play a big part when choosing our solar lighting.Wild Energy continues to grow as the demand Gama Sonic has unveiled a number of new products this year including the forwireless,smartmetersincreasesdueto Imperial III, Pedestrian Street Lighting (GS-100 and GS-102) and the Denali higher electrical costs. The company continues Commercial Solar LED Post Light.to work with other partners as it integrates with 800-835-4113www.gamasonic.comPMS systems and more.Last fall the company unveiled its state-of-the-artAdvancedAnalyticsPlatform,which HIALEAH METERuses the power of the Microsoft Power BI plat-The company has been supplying electricform, enabling property owners to access un-meters to campground and RV park ownersparalleled insights into energy usage and trends since the 1950s, according to Lisa Senior,across multiple properties. general manager of Hialeah Meter. Ourmissionistoprovidesophisticated Hialeah Meter also repairs and calibratesproperty owners with the tools they need to op-existing meters that park owners have in- timize energy management and reduce opera-stalled.tionalcosts.WiththeAdvancedAnalytics If a meter has been plugged in for morePlatform, we are taking this mission to the next than 10 years in a single spot it should al- level. Property owners can now understand their ways be looked at to make sure it is still ac- energyusagepatterns,spotanomalies,and curate,Seniorexplained.Itisreallymake decisions that benefit their bottom line important park owners keep up on their cal- and their property, said Mike Sorensen, presi-ibrations, especially at sites that host long-term seasonal customers.dent of Wild Energy. 800-654-0821www.hialeahmeter.comThe Advanced Analytics Platform is the latest addition to Wild Energys suite of products, which includes utility smart-metering, an owner portal, guest portal, billing integrations and more.JAMESTOWN ADVANCED PRODUCTS833-563-6300www.wildenergyco.com WCMBased in Jamestown, N.Y., the company offers a wide variety of products including electricalmeters,pedestals,lighting and more.AndJamestownunveileditsnewWere more than just the leadingSiteSync, a wireless metering system for campground industry trade publicationRVpoweroutlets,atOHIsOutdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo at theCheck us out Online! beginning of November.Lodestro noted to WCM that when the company was developing its new The latest industry newsDigital editions SiteSync product it focused on the af-Campground-related videosScan to subscribe fordability of the new offering. to our daily news feed and/or print We went into this knowing that wewww.woodallscm.com publicationsneeded to offer a superior product at an affordable price just like we do with our 16 January 2024Woodalls Campground Magazine"