b'to improve park operations. He suggestedon mutually beneficial initiatives. park operators and their teams conductOff-Season Activities: This session, ledJellystone Park Franchisees SWAT analyses of every aspect of theirby Caring About Recreation and Enter-park looking for things they can improve,tainment (CARE) committee members,Earn Awards at Symposium and then identify the things that need toprovided ideas to help Jellystone Park op-bedonetoachieveimprovements.Heerators develop fun activities while the noted that even things a park does wellcharacters are hibernating as well asCamp Jellystone presented its can always be improved. Problems canhow to promote these activities throughannual awards to exemplary Yogi also be addressed, such as long or ineffi- social media and email marketing to boostBearsJellystoneParkCamp-cient check-in procedures. attendance during the offseason and howResorts franchisees throughout Erdman said he had a problem withto leverage this outreach to boost springthe U.S. and Canada during its long check-in lines, so he relocated hisand summer business. This session alsoannual Symposium at the begin-check-instafftoalittleshacklocatedincluded discussions of how to use teamning of November, according to a along the roadway into his park. He thenmembers to tackle certain projects duringpress release. had Yogi Bear and Boo Boo come out atthe winter months, even if they have toThe awards were issued in check-in time to entertain the guests inwork remotely. the following categories:Sean Vidrine, CEO of Four Points RV Resorts, owner line. Suddenly, he said, a problem becameThe Bear Essentials: Franchise Stan- Jellystone Park Camp-Resortof the Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Pittsfield, Ill., an opportunity to create excitement anddards with Style: This workshop, led byof the Year: Jellystone Park inspeaks after the park was named the 2023 Camp fun for arriving guests.Camp Jellystones franchise operationsPittsfield, Ill.Resort of the Year. Photo: Jeff CriderHannah Reinke, a franchise operationsmanagers,DezaRaeBeers,ChelseyRegionalCamp-Resortsof manager at Camp Jellystone, led a trainingSchreiber and Hannah Reinke, walkedthe Year: more sites. session highlighting ways to ensure thatboth aspiring franchisees and seasoned Central Region: Jellystone Park in Jellystone Park in Pittsfield, Ill., in recreational programs are truly inclusivepros through the captivating world of fran- Pittsfield, Ill.the category for locations with less than and that staff members who lead thesechise brand standards, all with a touch of Eastern Region: Jellystone Park in225 sites. activities are sensitive and empathetic topanache. Attendees learned the secrets ofGlen Ellis, N.H.Dan OConnell Service Award: Kelly the circumstances and needs of everybrand consistency while embracing their Southern Region: Jellystone ParkJones, vice president of operations of park guest. This may involve changing theinner creativity with everything from logosin Bostic, N.C.Great Escapes RV Resorts rules of some games for guests who areto customer interactions, helping them Western Region: Jellystone Park inSpecial Recognition Awards:physically challenged or less physicallystrike the perfect balance between stan- Larkspur, Colo.Rookie of the Year Owners: agile. This could include things like addingdards and individuality.Operator of the Year: Kendall SloweMaryanne Burke, of the Jellystone orremovingobstaclesonanobstacleHow to Create CAMP-tivating Content:earned the award for the Jellystone ParkPark in Binghamton, N.Y., and Jessica course, allowing some players to run withThis session, led by Marcy Jordan, Campin Bostic, N.C. and Ryan Crots earnedand Mickey Spak, of the Jellystone Park a basketball if they cant dribble it or al- Jellystonesmarketingcoordinator,ex- theawardfortheJellystoneParkinin Jamestown, N.Y. lowing pickleball players to let the ballploredhowtomaximizeyourcamp- Petoskey, Mich. for locations with moreRookie of the Year Managers: bounce twice before hitting it. groundssocialmediapresencebythan 225 sites.Moriah Abbott, of the Jellystone Park JanetandPeterClarkearnedthein Binghamton, N.Y., and Travis Walsh, award for the Jellystone Park in Wood- of the Jellystone Park in Warrens, Wis. stock, New Brunswick and Kaycee ButtHappyCamperAward:Jellystone and Jodie Holava earned the award forPark in Tabor City, N.C. the Jellystone Park in Mt. Gilead, OhioLandscaping Award: for locations with less than 225 sites.Jellystone Park in Fremont, Ind. and Top Performers: Jellystone Park in Niagara Falls, OntarioJellystone Park in Carver, Mass.Retail Store Award:Jellystone Park in Glen Ellis, N.H.Jellystone Park in Pelahatchie, Miss.Jellystone Park in Grayling, Mich.Comfort Station Awards:Jellystone Park in Petoskey, Mich.Jellystone Park in Bath, N.Y.; Jelly- Jellystone Park in Pittsfield, Ill.stone Park in Bostic, N.C.; JellystoneJellystone Park in Nova, OhioPark in Eureka, Mo.; Jellystone Park in FranchiseInspectionLeader,TheJamestown,N.Y.;andtheJellystone Carroll Award: Jellystone Park in HornPark in Woodstock, New Brunswick. Lake, Miss.Website Award: JimWebbSpiritAward:SeanJellystone Park in Binghamton, N.Y. Vidrine,whoco-ownsandoperatesSocial Media Award: Jellystone Park locations in Pittsfield,Jellystone Park in Asheboro, N.C. Jellystone Park franchisees work together to create fleece blankets to donate to childrenIll.; Bloomington, Ind.; Monticello, Iowa;Club Yogi Rewards Award: in hospitals through an organization called Fleece & Thank you. Photo: Jeff Crider and Mansfield, Pa.Jellystone Park in Jamestown, N.Y. Maple Leaf Award: Jellystone ParkFacility Theming/Branding Award: These kinds of accommodations cancreating compelling and engaging content.in Woodstock, New BrunswickJellystone Park in Sioux Falls, S.D. also include craft activities, such as allow- Tips were also provided on how to meas- Facility of the Year: Rental Units Award: ing a child to make two crafts for twourethesuccessofyoursocialmedia Jellystone Park in Caledonia, Wis.,Jellystone Park in Petoskey, Mich. mothers instead of one, depending on thecampaign and how to adjust your strategyin the category for locations with 225 orWCM circumstances. accordingly. Under no circumstances, Reinke said,Sustainability 101: This session, led by should players be allowed to pick theirMelissa Smith, Sun Outdoors director of own teams for any event. Teams shouldsustainability, featured a discussion on be set up randomly for each game sohow to engage employees and guests in that no one feels left out. Special equip- reducing their environmental impacts in ment is also available for games that en- meaningfulandsustainableways.The ablepeoplewithdisabilitiestosession also discussed how to prepare for participate, such as balls with bells sothenewgreenhousegasreportingre-that blind players can locate the ball andquirements that will be impacting busi-hear it moving.nesses across the globe. We want to cultivate a culture of em- There were also educational sessions pathyandinclusivity,Reinkesaid.Itfocusing on the Jellystone Park app, by should be natural for all your staff mem- HeatherGere,cofounderofCampers bers to automatically include everyone.App, and on the Campspot reservation system by Campspot staff. Other SeminarsThe Symposium featured a trade show Building Bridges: This session by Erd- and an awards program that recognized man was designed to help Jellystone Parktop Jellystone Park locations across the owners and managers build and maintainU.S. and Canada.strong relationships not only with theirJellystoneParkfranchiseesalso customers, but also with their suppliersworked together to make colorful fleece and partners. Attendees learned how toblankets that will be donated to children in effectivelycommunicate,howtobuildhospitals through an organization called trust and loyalty, and how to collaborateFleece & Thank You.WCM WOODALLSCM.comJanuary 2024 25'