b'INDUSTRY NEWSNational ARVC Announces Rebrand to OHI The National Association of RV Parksencing an evolution, too, and it was de-andCampgrounds(ARVC)hasan- cidedthattheNationalCampground nounced a rebrand which includes re- OwnersAssociationnolongerrepre-naming the organization OHI, furthersented the entirety of the industry at that solidifying its role as the leader in ad- time. So, the name was changed to Na-vancing the outdoor hospitality indus- tional ARVC to include the initials RV, try, according to a press release.noted Basler. Our industry is ever-evolv-The rebranding was announced ating and from the surveys and interviews the organizations annual conference,Mekanic conducted this past year, nearly theOutdoorHospitalityConference80% of participants felt the name National and Expo (OHCE), held in Kansas City,ARVC didnt represent the breadth of the Mo., in early November. every day.park owners, multi-park owners, sup- industry, where it is today, andespe-In an era of booming outdoor recre- The rebranding was the culminationpliers, state leaders, people new to theciallywhere it will be in the future. ation, the expectation for our organiza- of more than a year of work that in- industry and those who have calledWith almost 60 years of industry ex-tiontodirectthebrightfutureofcluded member surveys and interviews,this industry home for decades. Thisperienceandleadership,OHIisthe outdoor hospitality for all our currentideation workshops, hours and hours ofgroup, along with the staff and boardtrusted voice of all outdoor hospitality andfuturemembersishigherthanthoughtful collaboration, high-level re- of directors, worked with a wonderfulbusinesses and will continue to be the ever, said Paul Bambei, president andsearch, and testing and evaluation fromagency partner, Mekanica grouporganization that is at the forefront of a CEO of OHI. Whether youre the ulti- all angles, explained the release.extremely knowledgeable in nonprofitgrowing and dynamic lifestyle for the mate stop on a journey, an overnightLastyear,weembarkedonthisand association brandingand weoutdoor hospitality industry and camp-stay, a starting point of a larger adven- project to better understand how oursought out opinions throughout theing consumers, stated the release. No ture,astateassociationsupportingorganization should show up, evolve,yeartounderstandmemberneeds,other organization holds a wider view of these businesses or one of our industryand elevate our brand for this excitinggoals and vision for our industrys fu- the road, combining earned trust with partners offering new innovations andtime in our industry, and, of course,ture.proven resources and practical expert-opportunities, all of outdoor hospitalityourmembers,saidDavidBasler,The last time the industrys nationalise to advance the next decades of the creates incredible experiences and last- chief strategy officer of OHI. We as- organization looked to retell its storyoutdoor hospitality industry. ing memories for the campers, RVerssembledaworkgrouprepresentingwas over 30 years ago in 1992.To watch OHIs brand launch video, andadventurersourmembersserveevery aspect of our industrysingleOur industry back then was experi- visit: https://youtu.be/jwd3F3jLSic.WCMOutdoor Recreation Adds $1 Trillion to U.S. Economy Even as the economy continues to prove to be slow going overall, a new study released Nov. 17 by the Bureau of EconomicDLP Capital Breaks Ground Analysis and promoted byon 397-Site Park in Florida theOutdoorRecreation RoundtableindicatedDLP Capital, a private real estate invest-thatoutdoorrecreationment and financial services firm, has an-continued to have a pow- nounced that it has broken ground on a erfuleconomicimpactluxury RV resort in North Florida, which will during 2022.include a golf courseone of the few RV Sopowerful,infact,resorts in the Southeast to include linksthatoutdoorrecreationalong with a splash park and tiny home generated $1.1 trillion inrental cottages, according to a press re-economic output, makinglease. up 2.2% of the U.S. GrossThe resort, Dream Outdoor Resort DomesticProductandCallahan, marks the launch of DLP Capi-supportingfivemilliontals collection of Dream Outdoor Resorts jobsan estimated 3.2%that plans to redefine and enhance the RV of all employees nation- resort experience, the release stated. Over wide.the last 15 months, DLP Capital has pur-Ofthattotal,RVingchased or developed three RV resorts in contributedthelargestNorth Florida. Once the new Callahan de-chunk with $48.2 billion,velopment is complete, the firm will have boating$37.2billion,amassed more than 1,200 RV sites, with hunting, shooting and trapping $18.4 bil- Camping is one of the best ways toand national economies and quality ofan additional 931 sites in design at addi-lion, and motorcycling and ATVing $16.2enjoy the outdoors and its often the cata- life, said Jessica Turner, president of thetional resorts being developed in Florida and billion. Other categories included in thelyst for other outdoor recreation activities.Outdoor Recreation Roundtable. OurGeorgia. total were equestrian, bicycling, fishing,As part of the larger outdoor recreation in- industry continues to provide benefits toDLP Capitals sees incredible untapped skiing and snowboarding, snowmobilingdustry, outdoor hospitality makes an in- communities across the countrybig,potential in the luxury RV resort sector, said and other snow activities, climbing, ca- credibleeconomicimpactonlocalsmall, urban, and rural alike. To ensureDon Wenner, founder and CEO of DLP noeing and kayaking.communities and the U.S. as a whole, saidthat this success is sustainable and thatCapital. We believe the sector will continue On a state-by-state basis, Hawaii andPaul Bambei, president and CEO of OHI,our public lands and waters will continueto grow in popularity as Americans redis-Alaska had the biggest percent change offormerly known as National ARVC. Ourto be accessible to all Americans for gen- cover the easy pleasure of the classic road their economies taken up by outdoorcamping consumer research shows a fam- erations to come, we will continue to worktripcombined with outdoor family adven-recreation since the previous report lastily of four spends an average of $275 pertogether with leaders on the passage oftures and modern amenities, such as we year at 47.3% and 34.9%, respectively.day in local communities on campsites,Americas Outdoor Recreation Act by theoffer at Dream Outdoor Resorts. Arizona and Texas also came in atfuel, food and entertainment, and this lat- end of this year. We are thrilled to onceDLP Capitals new Dream Outdoor Re-above 40% and another 38 states sayingest BEA data reaffirms the economic valueagain see the data reflect what we hearsort Callahan broke ground in the city of at least 20% more of their economiesof outdoor hospitality as part of the largerevery day, that outdoor recreation is not aCallahan, 20 miles north of Jacksonville. were made up of outdoor recreation op- outdoor recreation industrys impact.nice thing to havebut a necessity forCallahan is in the northeast corner of Florida portunities than in 2021.If theres one thing to take away fromhealthy people, places, and economies.not far from the Georgia border. The new At the state level, value added for out- the BEA presentation its this: the state ofViewmoredetailandstatebreak- amenity-laden resort will span 265 acres door recreation as a share of state GDPthe outdoor recreation economy is strong,downsreportbyvisitingand host 397 sites. ranged from 5.6% in Hawaii to 1.4% inandsustainedinvestmentinoutdoorhttps://www.bea.gov/news/2023/out- In addition to the assortment of RV pads, recreation and our shared public landsdoor-recreation-satellite-account-us- Dream Outdoor Resorts Callahan will offer Connecticut. The share was 0.9% in theand waters pays dividends for our localand-states-2022. WCM 53 tiny home cottage rentals. WCMDistrict of Columbia. WOODALLSCM.comJanuary 2024 3'