b'INDUSTRY NEWSKOA Recognized as Most Innovative and for Having a Top CultureKampgroundsofAmericaInc.tive Franchises lists, fran- of our organization, saidKOA Convention and 20 groups. (KOA) has been recognized with twochisee survey respondentsToby ORourke, CEO andKOAs growth is deeply anchored in franchise satisfaction awards by Fran- were asked how creativepresident of KOA. At KOA,our franchise culture, said Darin Usel-chise Business Review. The companyand innovative they thinkwe are committed to con- man, chief operating officer of KOA. wasnamedtotheMostInnovativetheir franchise is, as welltinuously evolving, pushingWebelieveeachcampgroundis Franchises and Top Franchise Cultureastheleadershipvisionboundaries, and redefiningunique, and collectively we are better lists.KOAwastheonlyhospitalityfor the brands future. As athe camping experience fortogether. Nurturing this synergy within provider of any type on both awardcore value of KOA, innova- generations to come.our franchise system is at the heart of lists, noted a press release.tionhasproducedproj- TheCulture100awardour winning approach. FranchiseBusinessReview,are- ects like the CampgroundwinnersweremeasuredOther Franchise Business awards for search firm that performs independ- oftheFuture,whichacross 17 unique areas con- KOA include Top Recession-Proof Fran-ent surveys of franchisee satisfaction,reimagines camping. Thistributing to a strong com- chises(2021,2022,2023),TopFran-provides the only ratings of franchisesprojecthasledtoforward-thinkingpany culture, including leadership, corechisesfor Women(2019,2021,2022, based solely on franchisee satisfactionproducts like sky decks, energy-effi- values, franchise community and en- 2023),TopFranchiseCulture(2020, andperformance.Thepublicationcient main buildings, recharging sta- gagement. KOAs commitment to foster- 2021, 2022, 2023) and Most Profitable surveyed over 36,000 franchise ownerstions, solar fields and the new KOAing a culture rooted in its 60-plus-yearFranchises (2022). KOA has also been acrossmorethan360leadingfran- Signature Site.legacy of valuing entrepreneurship isrecognizedasa TopFranchisemore chises to identify the award-winningTrue innovation isnt just about in- emphasized through collaborative plat- than ten times, placing the company in companies featured on each list.troducing new products or services; itsforms like its Franchise Review Commit- the Franchise Business Review Hall of For inclusion on the Most Innova- a mindset that permeates every aspecttees,BrandPositioningCommittees,Fame. WCMJamestown Advanced Products Unveils SiteSync Founded in 1987, Jamestown Ad- thatthecurrentsolutionsonthe $0 monthly fee when the camp-vanced Products continues to inno- market are too expensive, he noted.ground is closed for the winter (pay vate, unveiling its new SiteSync, aBeing in the campground businessonly when open for the season). wirelessmeteringsystemforRVas long as we have been, we know Jamestown Advanced Products power outlets. thatthebottomlinematterstoEVchargersintegrateforfree(no A well-known name in the out- campgrounds.Wewentintothisadded fees).for park owners to tackle. door hospitality industry, Jamestownknowing that we needed to offer aUtilitycompany-gradeequip- The end goal is to have the price produces a wide variety of productssuperiorproductatanaffordablement that can be placed anywhereoftheenergyconsumedbythe includingpicnictables,electricprice just like we do with our site fur- within the campground, not just in acamperautomaticallyplacedon pedestals, fire rings, benches, trashnishings, and that is what we havecentral location.their invoice, he said. It reduces receptacles and much more, all frombeen able to accomplish. A cellular modem and data thatthe labor time on the park to type its base in Jamestown, N.Y.Lodestro said that the company isis included in the subscription (nothat into the campers bill. JoshLodestro,directorofcurrentlyworkingonintegrationsadded fees). This means the camp- Lodestro said that Jamestown has JamestownAdvancedProducts,withparkmanagementsystemsground does not have to pay to runhad a very busy and productive year, notedtoWoodallsCampground(PMS) and hopes to have those op- ethernet or fiber lines to the gatewayas they worked to roll SiteSync out. Magazine(WCM)thatwhenthetions available early next year. He Unlimited meter readings andFromwhatwearehearing, companywasdevelopingitsnewalsoexplainedthatSiteSynccus- turn off power at any time.campgrounds also had a busy year, SiteSync product it focused on its af- tomersreceive5%offallother Proactive monitoring of pedestalhe explained. We are also expecting fordability. Jamestown products.andmeterhealthwithreal-timea strong 2024. Weve been asked for many yearsOther benefits include:alerts.To learn more about SiteSync visit by our customers if we have a smartAmonthlypricewithoutaLodestro mentioned that the in- https://www.getsitesync.comBen monitoring solution and we get callscontract.stallation process is meant to be easyQuiggleWCMCampspot CEO Releases White Paper Examining Camping/Hotel Crossover MichaelScheinman,CEOofproach, noted an email from Campspot Campspot, has released an executivethat accompanied the report. white paper, Navigating the Camping- Scheinman recently spoke about the Hotel Crossover: Lessons for Success inreport during a session at OHIs Out-Outdoor Hospitality, that discusses thedoor Hospitality Conference and Expo complexities of blending camping and(OHCE) in Kansas City, Mo. hotel practices with a special focus onPark owners can download the report the critical differences that must be un- and: derstood to ensure successful outcomes Explore the nuances and implica-for campground operators.tionsofthehotel/campingindustry Asourindustryhasexplodedinconvergence, growth in recent years, and with more Understand key areas where these predicted in 2024, it has attracted the at- industries diverge, tention of investors and operators from Gain insights on how to capitalize traditional lodging backgrounds who atonsharedlearningseffectivelyand times have identified camping as ripemore. for the application of hotel industry tac- Toaccessthefullreport,headto tics and tools. However, not everyonehttps://signup.campspot.com/hotel-agreeswiththiskindofblanketap- campground-industry-analysis. WCM4 January 2024Woodalls Campground Magazine'