b'SMART OPERATIONSSelling Tickets to Your EventOne of the big advantages of online ticketing is what is referred to as atten-dancemanagement,whereadvancepaymentpreventsyoufromlosingPeterPellandmoney with no-shows. In addition, most of the online platforms include a significant volume of features and functionalityFor many outdoor resorts, specialan online ticketing solution for a spe- streamlines the process of check-inis yet another option that is noted for events are a key to customer satisfac- cific upcoming event, you will wanton the day of the event and will evenits low pricing. Their fees are 1.75% tion and an uptick in reservations. Into find an effective option that willallow you to sell tickets at the gate.plus 59 per ticket, with payouts di-many instances, events are low keyminimize the fees involved. On theOther functions include the ability torectly to your bank account through and may not even involve fees fortopic of fees, keep in mind that thereuse promo codes (such as discountsyour existing online merchant serv-participation. In other instances, feesare always two sets of fees involvedfor your campers or for early ticketices provider (and whatever fees will may need to be established in orderwithonlineticketsales:theticketsales),theincorporationofeventbe incurred there.) The company also to cover costs. The latter might in- processing fee itself and the onlinewaivers, the ability for customers tooffers ticketing tiers for volume users, clude food events such as a pig roastcredit card processing fees. In gen- purchase tickets for multiple eventswith discounts from 20 to 60% on or chicken barbecue or a concert fea- eral, if you are selling two $50 ticketsin one shopping cart transaction (ifticketing fees, making this platform turing a local performer. Ticket salesto a customer, expect your total feesyou offer multiple events during theparticularly profitable for venues that for events such as these may not evento range from $4.50 to $6 for that $100course of the season), and a post-pur- plan on selling 5,000 or 10,000 tickets involveactualtickets,butmighttransaction (or over $10 in the last ex- chasemessagethatconfirmstheover the course of a season. simply require a sign-up sheet in yourample shown below).transaction and can be customized toEventbrite: The gorilla of the on-office with a cut-off date in instancesOne of the big advantages of onlineinclude a suggestion to share on so- lineticketingindustry,Eventbrite where a head count is important.ticketing is what is referred to as at- cial media. The fees are 2% plus $1,could be right even for small venues At other times, park owners mighttendance management where ad- plus a 3% credit card processing feeandevents.Unliketheotherplat-be thinking bigger, particularly if avancepaymentpreventsyoufrom(unless you use your own processor);forms, Eventbrite has either an event park offers the available open spacelosing money with no-shows. In ad- a flat fee of only 25 for any eventfee or a monthly fee. Their Flex plan and local zoning regulations allow.dition, most of the online platformspriced at $5 or less; and no fees (otheris primarily for businesses with one-Rather than simply appealing to yourinclude a significant volume of fea- than credit card processing) for on- timeevents,wheretheU.S.feeis existing clientele, events might pres- tures and functionality such as a sim- site sales. One drawback is that ticket$9.99 per event with up to 100 tickets, ent an opportunity to bring in partic- pleCMS(contentmanagementrevenue is only disbursed to you four$24.99 per event with up to 250 tick-ipants from the broader public, quitesystem) interface, free accounts, use- to seven days after the event, whichets, and $49.99 per event with unlim-possibly from beyond the local area.ful mobile apps, and the ability tomay be a deal-breaker in many in- itedtickets. WiththeirProplan,a These events might also introduce astart selling tickets almost immedi- stances.monthly subscription fee is charged new round of people to your busi- ately. Some will integrate with an ex- TicketSource:TicketSourceisaforunlimitedevents,basedupon ness: folks who might like what theyisting online payment gateway thatUK-based company that offers manyseating capacity. The U.S. fees are $29 experienceandsubsequentlybe- you might already be using, and oth- of the same services and functional- per month for up to 100 tickets per come recurring guests. In those in- erswillfunnelpaymentsthroughity. Its fee is 3.5% plus 99 per ticket,event, $79 per month for up to 250 stances,itisobviousthatsellingplatforms such as Stripe.including all payment card process- tickets per event or $159 per month tickets in your office would be an in- ing costs. If you would like to use yourfor unlimited tickets per event. In ad-adequatemeansofgettingthingsHere are a few options :own Stripe account for payment pro- dition to these per event or monthly done.Ticketleap:Ticketleapmakescessing, TicketSources fee is simplyfees, the U.S. ticketing fees are 3.7% Regular readers of my column willthings simple. Accounts are free, andthe99perticket.Therearenoplus $1.79 per ticket sold, plus a pay-know that I advocate against han- the platform provides you with inte- charges for in-house booking or forment processing fee of 2.9% of the dlingandprocessingfeesbeinggrated marketing tools that will helpfree events. In addition, there are nototal order.passed along to customers. That said,you to promote your event and mon- feesforeventsthatmightbecan- Clearly, this is the most expensive whetherabsorbingthosefeesoritor and analyze sales. A mobile app,celled or postponed, with customersoptionofthefiveplatformsthatI passing them along, when you needavailable for both Android and iOS,fully refunded the purchase price ofhave outlined; however, it is difficult their tickets. This would be useful into compare apples with apples from instances where a performer cancels,one platform to another. Providing there ends up being severe weathersimilar features and functionality as the day of the event or you simplytheothers,thebigdifferencewith cancel the event due to inadequateEventbriteisitsonlinemarketing ticketsales.TicketSourcereleasesclout. It had a network of 90 million funds to your bank account on theactive ticket buyers in 2022, and they Monday after the day of the eventwillactivelymarketyoureventto (usually showing in your account bypeopleseekinganoutinginyour Wednesday), or you can collect rev- area,essentiallygeneratingticket enues as your tickets are sold if inte- sales that you would not otherwise grating with your Stripe account.reach on your own. TicketTailor:AnothercompanyJust as we all have choices when it based in the UK, TicketTailor has per- comes to finding local events, there haps the easiest integration for ticketare many choices in online ticketing sales directly from your website. Whatservices.Doyourhomeworkcare-makes TicketTailor different is thatfully, contact the companies and ask you buy advance credits to cover thefor demos, then choose the one that transaction fees, resulting in a fee thatwillhelptomakeyourupcoming could be anywhere from 30 to 52event an unqualified success. per ticket. It accepts payments in a wide range of forms, including ApplePeter Pelland is the CEO of Pel-Pay and Google Pay, and you receiveland Advertising, a company that yourpaymentsinstantlyviaeitherhe founded in 1980 and that has Stripe or PayPal. For credit card pro- beenservingthefamilycamping cessing, the company is specificallyindustry for over 40 years. His com-partnered with Stripe, where the U.S.pany specializes in building fully fees are 2.9% plus 30 per ticket, withresponsivewebsites,alongwith a total price that is probably one ofproducing a full range of four-color the best options available, particu- processprintadvertising,for larly useful if you plan to absorb theclients throughout North America. fees into your ticket prices.Learn more about Pelland Adver-Yapsody: Based in California, thistising at https://pelland.com WCM8 January 2024Woodalls Campground Magazine'