b"Recycled plastic furniture is becoming a top pick for park owners, according to officials from numerous furniture suppliers. Photo: Sugarloaf Key/Key West KOA Resort Furniture Suppliers Note Trend Toward Products that are Offering Sustainability, Accessibility, LongevityP ownerscontinuetoaddrealizing the value of their dollar as well.than it has been, he explained. I feel like ac-nBY ANITA COOPERarkWe have recycled products that look nat- cessibility, once upon a time was an after-amenities to their parks and partural, and you dont have to replace them, saidthought, but now it is very much part of the of this trend includes creating re- Kay Park National Sales Manager Chad De- plans and blueprints of making new products. laxingplacesforcamperstoboer, The bugs dont eat them and they dontWe pride ourselves on providing a huge line gather.Fromchairsaroundaget moldy. So, there's a lot of upside.of accessible type products. campfire to picnic tables, shade structuresSustainability is no longer just a buzzwordAs part of the increasing trend to improve and even unique water features, park ownersthats being incorporated into mission state- the experience for visitors, campgrounds are are looking for products that bring not onlyments, said Sandra Anson, di- now catering to the needs of every member functionality but also comfort. rector of sales and marketingof the family, including their furry compan-Sustainability is also a buzzword at the mo- for Polly Products. Corporateions. ment, with park owners looking for equip- entities are including environ- Pet parks have long been amenities that ment that will last over time, while also takingmental efforts in their purchas- campground owners add to their facilities, care of the environment. Products designeding and published goals.however, many are taking it up a notch by of-out of recycled materials are very hot at theFormanycampgrounds,fering something for both the pups and their moment. said Liam Callahan, marketingpet parents to do. Our poly furniture, meticulously craftedSandra Anson managerforJamestownAd- Go Outdoor Amenities is seeing a growing from recycled materials, standsvanced Products, sustainability is an impor- interest in their pet agility and exercise prod-as a testament to our unwaver- tant part of their ethos. Being a responsibleucts,accordingtoTaylorCox,operations ingdedicationtoeco-con- steward of the environment is core to theirmanageratGoOutdoor scious practices, said Kendallbusiness. Our line of recycled plastic furnish- Amenities. Lecker, vice president for Greatings is very popular for thosePeople want something for AmericanDirect.Unlikewhoarelookingforalongertheirpetstodo,Coxmen-products that require frequentlasting product and one that istioned.Mostcampgrounds repurchasing, our poly furni- moreenvironmentallyallow pets to go, but they dont Kendall Lecker ture is built to last, providingfriendly.have much for them to do, be-both environmental benefits and enduringAccessibilityisanotherideasidesjustaplainoldfieldof value for years to come.that is becoming much moregrass.CampgroundownersTaylor CoxThe folks that wanted to buy a cheap pic- thanjustabuzzword.Jor- want something more engaging for their visi-nic table with lumber two or three years agoLiam Callahan gensen is seeing an increasedtors pets, so they have a better reason to stay. are now coming back and replacing that lum- interest in products that every type of camperBelow are updates that Woodalls Camp-berwithrecycledplastic,saidJustinJor- can use.ground Magazine collected from furniture gensen,amarketinganddesignI know that accessibility is definitely start- manufacturers and providers in the RV park representative with Pilot Rock. I think theyreing to come into the forefront, even more soand campground space.16 April 2024 Woodalls Campground Magazine"