b"for campgrounds including furniture, grills, umbrellas, shade canopies, pet park products and more. Kay Park has been receiving more requests for its high-end products due to the increased interest in glamping, according to Deboer. Peoples expectations are higher. They dont want an all-wood table. They want something easy to clean offsomething with color that looks more modern, noted Deboer. Popular options among campground owners include the companys sus-tainable products, such as its recycled plastic and aluminum product lines, and its solar-powered charging stations. Kay Park Marketing Director Marilee Gray said that there is also an in-creased interest in the companys outdoor games as well as its furniture. To support the increased interest, the company recently added a couple more games, including pickleball and a Gaga ball pit. 866-764-7870www.kaypark.comLYNKRIS PATIO FURNITURE Sparta, Wis.-based Lynkris Patio Furniture is seeing an increased interest in higher-value products. Customers have asked Bruce Webster, president of Lynkris Patio Furniture for help finding more comfortable furniture that will improve the experience for guests staying in more luxurious accommodations. Popular products include the companys sling chairs and lounges, as well as furniture for cabanas. Orders for the cabanas have been coming in, and to me, thats more and more of a thing where they're putting better-quality furniture in cabanas and being able to make money off them, said Webster. Lynkris takes pride in its products and its customer service. I feel like we sell a quality product, Webster noted. When you call, youll deal with us, not a repand we can take care of any problem you might have. Everybody you call here will know something about your product and can help you.800-657-4644www.lynkris.comPARKNPOOL Lexington, Va.-based ParknPool is a distributor of commercial outdoor fur-niture and amenities. From playgrounds and parks to poolside and dining, the company is celebrating 25 years in business. The Virginia firms spokesman stated that the campground equipment mar-ket is very competitive, but it has been around for a long time and has a loyal WOODALLSCM.com April 2024 21"