b'SUPPLIER INSIGHTS nBY ROBERTA ROFFOFrench Company Hkipia Expands in U.S. with Unique Roulette PMRV Bonjour, tout le monde! (Hello, every-one!)A French company that has been spe-cializing in the design and manufacture of innovative, transportable tiny houses for resorts, campgrounds, RV parks and even as temporary emergency housing, has opened a manufacturing facility in North America. Hkipia has been building tiny homes for over four decades and has in- The Roulotte was chosen as the first PMRV stalled over 28,000 accommodation unitsto be produced here in the U.S. by Hekipia across Europe and worldwide and is nowbecause of its unique design.Celine Bossanne offering a new park model RV (PMRV).TheHkipiacompanyisthetinyContacts in Pennsylvania helped the house manufacturing arm of the Hut- companylocateawarehouseinthe topia group (to see a profile on HuttopiaLehigh Valley in Whitehall, an active in-read the March issue of Woodalls Camp- dustrial area within six hours of the New ground Magazine (WCM)), which is rec- York harbor and near Huttopia and ad-ognizedforprovidingunforgettableditionalcampsandRVparksinthe nature experiences in French-inspirednortheast.comfortable tent and chalet accommo- According to Hkipia Plant Manager dations around the world. Huttopia op- and French native Louis Dupont, who eratesover65campsinternationally,holds a masters degree in engineering includingsixinNorthAmerica,withfrom INSA Lyon - Institut National des more openings in the U.S. planned in theSciences Appliques in Lyon, France, coming years. the Roulotte was selected for America The name Hkipia derives from thebecause its original design is a little dif-French verb quiper (equip); adding anferent from anything else that exists in H at the beginning and the letters iathe U.S. todayand it is also favored at the end to closely identify with thefor its manufacturing engineering effi-name of its parent company.ciency and its ability to be transported.Hkipia has designed and built aboutIn less than three hours, the accom-20 original tiny house models in Francemodation can be set up, connected to over the past few decades, some havingelectric, Wi-Fi, water and plumbing, and been selected from tiny house designbe ready to use, Dupont noted.contests open to young architects andThe Roulotte was first presented to designers. America at The Glamping Show Amer-The company selected one model, theicas in Denver this past fall and was well Roulotte, as its first to build in its newreceived. Visitors spoke highly of the in-U.S. facility. The French term roulottenovative design with French touches, refers to a comfortable accommodationthequality,spaceoptimizationthat thatcanbetransportedontheroadsleeps four and the fact that it comes (French to English translation: trailer;fully equipped: with everything, even caravan).the furniture, included at a reasonable price,accordingtoDupont(delivery extra).Taking a Virtual Factory TourTo learn more, WCM participated in a virtual tour of Hkipias new American manufacturing plant, which began op-erations in April 2023. Much of the first year was spent working on successfully obtainingANSIcompliance,sourcing Americansuppliers,engineeringand marketing,andsales,accordingto Dupont. ANSI Standards: To open the tour, DupontexplainedthatHkipiaisa member of the RV Industry Association andthattheRoulotteisbuilttothe American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A119.5 Park Model Standard, a nationally recognized specification that defines the building codes for PMRVs and provides the capabilities for them to be certified and registered, and to obtain a VIN and title from a state agency.Exterior Features: Dupont showed WCMthesteel-framechassiswhich compromisesthefoundationofthe Roulotte. The chassis is sourced from a nearbyPennsylvaniasteelmanufac-turer and is equipped with an A-frame hitch and four transportation wheels. Dupont explains that once on-site, if going to a permanent location, Hkipia will install an anchoring system to se-26 April 2024 Woodalls Campground Magazine'