b'blogwhich was weird for us. It wasburn out on that. They do it for a whilewe close the books on this. We had never a thing that we meant to do. Ourand then they stop because it was justthree kids under five in that range at aunts and uncles and friends and fam- about a snapshot or a window of theirthe time. We had two full-time jobs, ily were reading it, and a lot of peoplelives for a certain period of time. Butand at this point, the RV Atlas had be-did blogs for that reason. It was like aourshowisaboutRVcultureandcomeanotherfull-timejobthatwe personal travel blog for us. And then Illcamping culture, and those two thingswere both managing between us with never forget one time looking at the sta- areendlesslyfascinating,alwaysall the work. tistics and its like, A thousand peoplechanging, always something new, al- He knew I was serious. I was tired. read this blog post? Whats going onwaysnewRVs,alwaysnewcamp- So, he said, Okay, yeah, lets send in here?grounds, always new camping gear toyour resignation letter. Jeremy:Whenwerealizedpeoplecheck out.Jeremy: There are lots of twists and werereadingtheblogwhichwasSo, Im still so into it after 10 years,turns here, but it did take another sev-called the LivelyLittlecampers.com, itand I think thats all part of why.eral years before I quit my teaching job. wasnt even RV Family Travel Atlas yet ATC: TellusaboutthedecisiontoAnd thats kind of a fascinating story. I we got a little bit more serious about itleave your teaching careers to concen- had taught at the school for 17 years. I at that point because people were find- trate on RV Atlas full-time.told my principal in February 2020 that ing it and discovering it. And I cant em- Stephanie: Yeah, if I were to guessI wouldnt be coming back the next year phasize what Stephanie said too much.quickly, Id say it was about a five-yearbecause our business was doing well. It Wed had no idea where to camp, andjourneyit wasnt fast.was thriving; lots of work in the RV in-there were not a lot of great resourcesAnd thats another thing about us isdustry. online about the RV lifestyle. Now, ofRV Atlas never went viral, right? ThereAnd soon after that the pandemic hit course, theres an abundance.The Puglisis newest book will be in stores April 2.was never some moment where no- andtheRVmanufacturersallshut ATC:Andyoubothhavesaidallbody knew us, and then all of a suddendown. along that you never intended for thelives were, because thats really hard toeverybody knew us. We just kept work- I was lying in bed, sweating at night, travel blog to blow up into what it hasdo over 10 years. Thats exhausting.ing for years and doing things that, likethinking this was the dumbest decision become today.Stephanie and I joke all the time,I said, in my estimation, were valuableIve ever made in my life. Im going to Stephanie: Very early on, I said I amour lives are boring a lot of the time.to people that then they used over andneed to go back to my principal and not interested in being fabulous. I didntWe have kids in school, and there areover again.humbly say, I need the job, because I wantittobeaninfluencerkindoftimes of the year when were out trav- But I think it was about a five-yearhad no idea that the boom was coming thing. We want it to be useful. Its theeling like crazy and times of the yearjourney to the start that we just talkedwith the RV industry. teacher in us. We just want it to providewhen the RVs winterized, et cetera, etabout of a lot of this, and we did haveThey were all shut down. I was afraid value to people, to help people havecetera.some experiences that pushed us toto call our sponsors and talk to them. I amazingexperiencesbythemselves,ButbecausetheRVAtlascontentthe edge in terms of the side hustle. So,was worried some of them would say, with their partners, with their families.was always partly about us, for sure, butwe were offered our first book contractOh, we got to cut you. But that didnt Thats really what we wanted out of this.also about all of our great correspon- in 2015, and we were also working withhappen, thankfully. So, if were just bringing value to peo- dents from across the country and justcompaniesthatweveworkedwithAnd then the boom happened, and ples lives with our books, with our pod- about RV culture, RV content, havingnow for over a decade. And I looked atits been such a crazy time in the RV in-cast, weve accomplished what we setmanufacturersontheshow,havingJeremyandIsaid, Look,wehadadustry and the camping industries. I out to do.campground owners on the show Igood run. Weve been very successfulthink even though some aspects of that Jeremy: I think that the secret to whyfeel like its endlessly interesting, wherebeyond what we expected, so we ei- have slowed down, I feel like were just weveendured10yearsliesinwhatI just dont think that Stephanie and Ither go in all the way with one of us catchingourbreathnowfromhow Stephanie just said. Its never just beenare endlessly interesting.meaningthatIwasgoingtostopbusy and exciting things were through about look at us and how amazing ourFrankly, a lot of the RV influencersteaching and work at this full timeorthe pandemic. WCM WOODALLSCM.com April 2024 29'