Emergency crews on Monday (Oct. 8) were searching for four men whose RV was among those swept away from the South Llano RV Park by raging floodwaters that prompted dramatic rescues by helicopters and boats in a small West Texas city, according to The Seattle Times.

Heavy rains started falling Sunday night, causing the South Llano River to rise in Junction, about 140 miles west of Austin. Kimble County Sheriff Hilario Cantu said no fatalities had been confirmed, but that “all the RVs, everything, got swept away.”

Texas Game Warden Rachel Kellner said the four missing men worked together and were swept away before daybreak by the South Llano River. The city is located near where North Llano River and South Llano River converge to form the Llano River.

Authorities said 19 people were rescued — 15 by boat and four by helicopter. Kellner said two of the people rescued by air were in a tree with a dog.

Kellner said all those rescued were checked out by medical emergency personnel, but it was unclear if any required hospitalization.

Authorities said that right after the South Llano RV Park was overtaken with water, officials were able to rescue about 40 people by throwing them life jackets or ropes, but then the water got too high and they needed helicopters and boats for the rescues.

Kellner said one woman rode about 18 miles down the river on debris before being rescued. She only sustained cuts and bruises.

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