Heavy rains Friday morning (May 16) pushed some Perry County, Pa., creeks out of their banks, television station WTHM reported.

The Big Buffalo Creek rose so high its waters hit the historic Saville Bridge, and the Shermans Creek spilled over and closed several roads.

At Lupfer’s Grove Campground in Shermans Dale, several campers were stranded by their flood waters.

Flood stage for Shermans Creek near Shermans Dale is nine feet, but it peaked at more than 13 feet around noon.

“In about 20 minutes, it came up pretty quick,” said Stephen Kerstetter, who’s lived along the creek for 15 years. “I probably have three foot of water in my garage, but it won’t get into the house.

“It came up higher than I thought it would,” he said. “We got some cleaning up to do.”

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