Flood scene in the Hidden Oaks Family Campground in Robert, La., Photo courtesy of WDSU-TV, New Orleans.

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Families in trailers in Robert, La., rolled out due to rising waters at a trailer park.

The Hidden Oaks Family Campground in Robert was hit hard by Hurricane Isaac where about 40 trailer sites were lost.

Hoping to stay safe this time around, many families moved their homes out as water spilled into the park.

Families at the park told WDSU reporter Heath Allen that they have never seen the water rise this quickly.

“In 19 years, we haven’t seen it come up this quick. We got up this morning, and it was already approaching,” Hidden Oaks Campground owner Roy Vedros said. “It was out of the banks.”

The rising water happened as rain dumped across southeast Louisiana Tuesday night into Wednesday.

“We’re pulling out trailers. In Isaac, we lost 49 trailers in here,” Vedros said. “We notified all the owners. Some couldn’t get out here in time to get it. We’re not letting that happen a second time.”

Residents called the campground a close-knit community — a combination of permanent residents and others who spend time there during weekends and holidays. All of them said they’ve seen the water edging closer to their outdoor furniture and homes.

“That’s hard to go through. I mean a lot of people around here know how that is,” resident Thomas Lambert said. “We don’t want to go through that again.”

A nearby church was allowing trailers to park in its lot as more rain was expected.