All of the recent rains are having a big impact on an area campground along the Mississippi River, television station WEAU reported.

Pettibone Resort’s campground in La Crosse, Wis., is closed, because it’s flooded.

The campground’s manager said right now it’s running about a month-and-a-half behind schedule.

The Mississippi River level in La Crosse is about 10.9 feet, and 12 feet is considered flood stage.

However, the National Weather Service said the Mississippi is expected to crest again later this week to about 12.5 to 13 feet.

Pettibone Resort is hoping to open the campground in time for Memorial Day, and said it would be a big loss financially if it couldn’t.

“We’d have to come up with some creative ideas to try to make that money back, but at the end of the day I think we’re more concerned with ruining people’s holiday plans,” said Campground Manager Zeb Allert.

Pettibone Resort will decide in about two or three days whether to open the campground for Memorial Day.

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