Campers had to pack up and move out of their spots at the Camping World campgrounds in Chattanooga, Tenn., after floodwaters from Chickamauga Creek inundated their sites on Wednesday (Jan. 7).
The creek began flooding the parking lot and campgrounds on Wednesday and neither was visible because they were completely covered with water more than a foot deep in some places, according to WRCB, Ch. 3, Chattanooga.
Employees heeded warnings and began moving trailers from the lower parking lot as soon as they heard the rain was coming.
“We had enough warning from weathercasters and we moved. We started yesterday morning,” said spokesman Brent Harwell. The employees have seen the area flood before, but it always comes as a surprise. “It is a shock to see when you are used to seeing three separate ponds and a creek and now it is all completely filled with water,” Harwell said.
Heavy rains on Tuesday forced school closings throughout the area on Wednesday.