Charlie McCraney has sold his 25-acre Bull Creek Fish Camp near Bunnell, Fla., to Flagler County for $1.8 million.
“There’s so much potential out here,” McCraney said, and it will be up to the taxpayers to see to helping the Fish Camp reach that potential – or not, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.
And that’s kept some campers up at night recently.
Recently, Bull Creek campers like Sharon and Ron Johnson were worried they’d be homeless just a week before Christmas. “This is where I’d planned to live the rest of my life out,” said Ron Johnson, 64.
But now the Johnsons aren’t so sure that’s even a possibility. It’s been weeks of worry for them, Sharon Johnson, 60, said as county officials have continued to toss around sale conditions, including whether the sale would happen with the land free of campers. Or if a management agreement could be worked out with McCraney until the county commissioners decide what to do with the property.
Lucky for the Johnsons, commissioners recently decided to let the campers stay – at least through the fishing season at the lake which starts this month and runs until April.
Beyond that, plans for the site are still up in the air awaiting future operational recommendations from new County Administrator Craig Coffey.
In the best of circumstances, McCraney said he hopes the restaurant, campgrounds and bait shop will be open to help the new county park become a fiscally self-sustaining jewel for taxpayers to enjoy for generations to come.
The campground holds 50 recreational vehicles and remains full through the “fishing season” at the lake.
The property is so busy that many of McCraney’s annual campers rent spots at Bull Creek Fish Camp all year to ensure they’ll be able to park their RVs come fishing season.
Not all the campers, full time or seasonal, have waited to hear Flagler County Commissioners’ decision on the land. Some couldn’t handle the uncertainty of not knowing whether their parking space at the camp would be available through the entire fishing season. They left to find another campground that could offer assurances campers wouldn’t be asked to leave before they were ready.