The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), an international organization for motorhome owners, recently announced that DakotaPost of Sioux Falls, S.D., has been selected as the association’s new mail forwarding partner.

“DakotaPost offers the right mix of friendly, reliable customer service and enhanced technology that FMCA wanted to provide its members who rely on a mail forwarding service as they travel,” said FMCA National President Charlie Adcock in a written announcement. “And FMCA members receive an exclusive discount off of DakotaPost’s regular rates.”

DakotaPost (formerly known as Alternative Resources) has been in the mail forwarding business since 1989 and provides a safe, secure service that allows motorhome owners to focus on their travel adventures rather than worrying about keeping up with their important mail.

The service offers flexibility in terms of when and how often members have their mail sent to them. And the company’s new secure Client Portal gives members direct access to request their mail, change a mailing address, or update account information.

One new feature that DakotaPost will be launching soon is Virtual Mailbox. Mail forwarding participants will receive an e-mail when their mail arrives, notifying them to log in and view an image of the exterior of each mail piece. With the click of a button, the recipient can instruct DakotaPost staff members whether to save, send, or shred each piece of mail.

For more information about FMCA Mail Forwarding by Dakota Post, visit FMCA.com/mailforwarding.