FMCA conventions are designed to connect RVers and people interested in the RVing lifestyle with education, industry vendors and more.

Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), an international organization for RV owners, will host its 103rd International Convention and RV Expo at CAM-PLEX Multi-Event Facilities in Gillette, Wyo., July 7-10, according to an FMCA press release.

The event has been dubbed “The Spirit of Wyoming” in honor of the host state. The owners of more than 1,200 RVs will travel to Wyoming to take part.

“We’re excited to be in Gillette for our July celebration of all things RVing,” noted FMCA national president Jon Walker. “It will be great to enjoy the hospitality of the folks at CAM-PLEX and in the city of Gillette once again as we start to return to normal and to resume the travel and the gatherings that are the fabric of the FMCA RV Club. CAM-PLEX has become one of our favorite convention sites, and we’re looking forward to this return visit.”

The event isn’t just for members. FMCA invites all RV owners to join the festivities and those who are considering the RV lifestyle or are just curious have an opportunity to take part as well.

During an FMCA convention, RV owners stay at the host facility in their homes on wheels and a new neighborhood pops up almost overnight.

One key element of the event is the RV Expo. Major RV manufacturers and dealers bring the latest models and invite convention attendees and members of the public to stop by for a tour. RVs in all shapes and sizes will be open for inspection during show hours. RV-related accessories, components, services and other products of interest to travelers will be available as well.

When they aren’t shopping, attendees can take part in seminars. Various RV experts will conduct sessions during the event. Topics range from tire maintenance, technology to safe driving on RV trips to Alaska, New Zealand/Australia and more.

A variety of daytime and evening entertainment is offered and attendees have numerous opportunities for socializing with others who share their love of the RV lifestyle. These range from organized activities such as morning coffee hour and an ice cream social to impromptu meetups.