Frontdesk Anywhere, the San Francisco-based Property Management System (PMS), announced this week that the company integrates directly with Booking.com and Expedia to increase campground inventory visibility across two of the world’s largest online travel search engines.

For years, hotels have been able to connect their internal software systems with these large websites and now Frontdesk Anywhere is providing the same advantage to the outdoor hospitality industry, the company said in its announcement. A direct connection from a hospitality management system enables independent campgrounds to gain the same market advantage as branded properties by being displayed in consumer searches on these sites.

On average more than 700,000 room nights are reserved on Booking.com each day and more than 54 million customers visit Expedia’s websites each month. Being visible on these major players’ websites represent huge opportunities.

“With the current trend to include cabins and other lodging accommodations in their portfolio of services, it is increasingly important that campgrounds and RV parks are able to connect with leisure vacation travelers who searching for alternative choices in their trip planning”, said Thomas Lyle, cofounder and CEO of Frontdesk Anywhere.

Connections to the major distribution channels enable properties to:

  • Maintain their independence while still being able to participate in broader travel marketing channels.
  • Get tremendous online worldwide visibility and increase number of reservations.
  • Compete in the global travel marketplace.

Frontdesk Anywhere continues to innovate and revolutionize the outdoor hospitality industry with targeted business solutions that create efficiencies and reduce costs, according to the company.