Robin Williams

Buyers of all new Fleetwood RV Inc. motorhomes will soon find an information sheet about the Tents for Troops program in their new owner’s information package.

“Fleetwood has been a big supporter of the Tents for Troops (T4T) program nearly from the day we started,” program founder Charlie Curry stated in a news release. Steven Hileman, marketing director for Fleetwood, agreed to include this information sheet, which was written by Evanne Schmarder, in the owner’s package of every new RV that Fleetwood manufactures.

“This is just great news for us and we cannot thank Fleetwood enough,” Curry continued.  “We had hoped to be able to provide Fleetwood with small and classy T4T stickers, but after exploring the cost of having those produced, we had no choice but to go with to go with a simple information sheet which is fine. Fleetwood sells a lot of RVs and we hope that many of these new RV owners will be helping us spread the word about T4T.”

In other T4T news on Jan. 8 actor Robin Williams mentioned Tents for Troops on his Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/RobinWilliams?ref=ts&fref=ts.

“Needless to say the T4T Facebook page found a ton of new followers and in fact our Facebook reach went up over 11,000% in just over 24 hours,” Curry stated. “Robin Williams has always been a huge supporter of our troops and this is just one more example of how much he truly cares. Thank you, Robin.”

Curry concluded, “For those of you who have time please let both Fleetwood RV and Robin Williams know how much you appreciate their supporting our troops. The world would be a far different place were it not for our troops; we all owe them a great deal not only for our freedom but our safety as well.”

For more information on T4T visit http://tentsfortroops.org or visit our facebook page at http://facebook.com/tentsfortroops.