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Opposition swayed commission members as they denied a plan to rezone land for an RV park.

A proposed RV park was denied zoning on Monday (Dec. 14) by The Pickens County (Ga.) Planning Commission.

According to FYN, Garry Fegely of Highway 136 Connector had requested a Conditional Use zoning change for his 25.75 acre tract. The land is presently zoned agriculture.

The proposal presented included an RV park for temporary use for those wishing to visit the Pickens County area. It entailed 55 RV sites with a 4,500 square foot barn for private parties, including weddings and special events.

The proposed site was intended for seasonal use only. With vacancy for 9-10 months out of the year. Fegely appealed to the council by stating that there was no other RV resort around this area and his intention was to provide vacationers and visitors a place to park while enjoying the local scenery and Carters Lake. He went on to explain that he had a boat at Carters Lake that he and his family enjoyed.

The proposed zoning change was not a welcome request. Neighbors bordering Fegely’s property showed up for the opposition and presented their case. David Rutherford, a neighbor of Fegely, presented a detailed report full of concerns in regards to the request. Of the many concerns mentioned were: resident and landowner nuisance, safety concerns in regards to sanitation, as well as failure to meet zoning requirements.

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