Georgia RV Parks

A Georgia county has imposed additional fees on RV park owners.

After two years of debate, the Monroe County (Ga.) commissioners on Tuesday (Oct. 17) put the last piece in place to try to limit the proliferation of people living in RVs and campers in the county, according to The Monroe County Reporter.

County commissioners agreed on Tuesday after nearly an hour of debate to require all RV campground owners to pay $250 per RV site, per year. The decision comes one month after commissioners approved a new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) that requires a $1,000 annual fee if people live in them permanently.

The UDO also requires that RVs be on three or more acres and in agricultural zoning. Permanent residents of RVs must be either the property owner or a family member. The RV has to be “clean, safe and fully functional and shall have septic, water and electrical service.”

And the county now allows no more than one RV on a property.

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